How Much Does It Cost to Spray Paint Car

How Much Does It Cost to Spray Paint Car?

Undoubtedly in this modern era having your vehicle has become an essential part of almost everyone’s life for daily usage. Some people use cars for short travel, some for long distances while there are also a few of them who use this only for outstation travel.

A neat and clean car is the dream of owners, and everyone wants to get the attention of others towards their car. It’s a fact that when I run a car on the road, I get small or medium scratches on it unintentionally or by mistake. So, the best option is to spray paint scratches and repair cars instead of replacing their car.

Now the question arises “How Much Does It Cost to Spray Paint a Car?” and How Much Does the Spray Paint Car Price?” to know the answer, you have to read the entire article carefully:

How Much Does It Cost to Spray Paint Car?
How Much Does It Cost to Spray Paint Car?

How Much Does It Cost to Spray Paint a Car? Depending on Finishing

The cost of spray paint depends on your car because if you have a regular car, then the expense will be around 350$ to 4600$. In case you have an expensive car like BMW, then you will be charged about 18000$ to 20000$.

Types of Spray Paint Finishing:

First, you need to set the budget according to your required spray paint cost, and for your convenience, I have below mentioned the price of four different finishing, which will be helpful for you in selecting the suitable one.

Matte Finishing:

The process of painting a car to make it have a matte finish is just like other finishing procedures, and the only difference is its results. In the matte-finished cars, once the coat gets dry, it starts getting rougher and becomes hazier, which is totally opposite from the one with smothered and glossy finishing.

Matte Finishing
Matte Finishing

If you can’t tell just by saying whether the car has matte finishing or not, you can easily do it by touching it. As the cars with matte finishing have a bit of sandy texture, making them stand out from the rest. The matte finishing cost will be about 2450$ to 2550$.

Solid Finish:

Solid finishing is much more likely than metallic finishing, but there is not much color variety available out there. However, if you are looking for something to cover the scratches on your car, then the light color of this solid finish will work great for you. The expense will be around 300$ to 350$.

Solid Finish
Solid Finish

Pearl Car Finish:

One great thing about this finish is its versatility, as its color varies in different lights. In my experience, this finishing is costly as compared to polychromatic or metallic finishing. If you see two cars in the same place, one with polychromatic finishing and the other one with pearl finishing, then you will surely get attracted to the one with pearlescent. For this, you will be charged 500$ to 600$.

Pearl Car Finish
Pearl Car Finish

Polychromatic or Metallic:

Metallic paint is manufactured with a mixture of aluminum powder to give cars more vibrant colors and a shimmery look with a glossy finish. Although they are good at hiding scratches, it is stuff to do color matching with these paints. Approximately the car respray cost will be 450$ to 550$.

Polychromatic or Metallic
Polychromatic or Metallic

Cost of Finishing at a Single Glance:

Matte Finish2450$-2550$
Solid Finish300$-350$
Pearl Car Finish500$-$600

When is it Needed to Spray Paint a Car?

Through Spray painting, you can give your car a brand new, attractive, or custom look. Here are some main factors discussed when you need to paint your car.

Color Fading:

Sometimes the car color gets faded because of some reasons such as sunlight, bird’s pee or poop, and de-icing. So, when you notice that your vehicle color is getting dull, then you should get the spray paint job.

Rust Over the Paint:

Rust is the worst thing that turns your car into rot and can damage your car badly. That’s why it is recommended to remove the rust from your vehicle through a spray painting process as soon as possible before it spreads all over the car.

Chipped Off or Peeled Off:

If your car paint gets scratched or peeled off, then it can affect the appearance and the market’s value of your car. To fix these problems, you need to get the paint job from an automotive car repairer.

What Is the Cost to Spray Paint a Car Door?

Do you know what to do if your car doors get damaged? In case the doors of your vehicle get damaged, then you can repaint or repair them. Now a question is popping into your mind “How much cost of a respraying car door cost?” so to paint the car doors, there are two methods one is to paint it by yourself, and another one is to hire a professional.

Now scroll down to know the cost that will occur on both methods and choose the suitable one for you:

DIY Method:

If you decided to paint your car by yourself and want to know what will be respraying a car cost, then you should check the condition of your car and purchase all the essential tools that will be used on your vehicle during the paint job:

  • Sandpaper of 60 to 80 grit to even the rough area.
  • Body filler to fill the deep dents or scratches.
  • Painters tape to cover the area which you are not going to paint.
  • Drop cloth
  • High-quality primer.
  • 1 to 2 cans of quality spray paint.
  • One can of clear coat.
  • Face mask, eye protection glasses, gloves, or protective suit.
  • Rust remover if needed.

So, if you buy all these tools, then the cost of repairing car doors by following the DIY method will be around 110$ to 120$, which is affordable.

How to Spray Paint a Car Bumper?

Here is the complete process to spray paint the bumper by yourself:

Painters Tape:

First of all, cover all the ground area of the bumper with painter’s tape to protect them from the stains of paint.

Wash Off:

Wash off the bumper and wipe out the debris from it to get an amazing finishing.

Wash off
Wash off

Use Sandpaper:

Sand the surface by using 60 to 80 grit sandpaper to flatten the area. If you don’t sand the surface, then the result will disappoint you, so it is recommended to sand the bumper before the spray paint job.

Sand paper
Sand paper

Damp Cloth:

After sanding, wipe the bumper with a damp cloth to remove the wastage of sanding, then wait for it to get dry.

Spray Paint:

Pick the spray paint bottle and start spraying all over the bumper, then leave it to get dry. Repeat it 3 to 4 times until you get even coverage. Make sure you are giving proper time to each coat to get dry.

Spray paint
Spray paint

Sand Again:

Again, use the ideal size of sandpaper to make your paint job perfect. Then again, put on the thin coat of spray paint on the surface.

Clear Coat:

Now apply the clear coat to protect the base coats and make the paint durable, then wait for it to get dry.

How Much Does It Cost to Respray a Car by Hiring a Professional?

Sometimes it looks risky to spray paint your car by yourself, and then you should hire a professional painter for your vehicle. They give their best to provide you with the required result, and the cost to spray paint a car will be 1050$ or more.
As you see, the DIY method is cheaper than hiring a professional, but, in my opinion, the professional paint job is more reliable for both of them.

What is the Best Paint Job for Your Vehicle?

Does your expensive car need repair or respray? To spray paint your vehicle, you should hire a professional or your car’s dealership because they give your car the same look as before.

Before hiring a professional, it is best to go and check all the automotive repair centers and get an estimate for getting car spray paint service. It will be helpful for you to select the one that is charging according to your budget.

If you want the car technician to provide you the guaranteed spray paint service, then first, you should be well aware of the condition of your vehicle and which is the best option for it. Let’s discuss the following:

Find a Professional:

Ask someone who is experienced or search on the internet about the top-reviewed car mechanics to get the amazing and required spray painting results. And if you go to a local car mechanic without checking his reputation, then he will surely disappoint you.

Fix the Damages:

Before spray painting, you need to check that your car has dents or scratches and what preparations are needed to cure them. In case you are hiring a professional, then you don’t need to get worried because they will fill the dents or remove the scratches from the surface to get an even finish.

High-Quality Spray Paint:

If you want to get the best paint job, then you should ask your car dealership to use high-quality spray paint on your car. Also, don’t compromise the quality of the overall material that will be used in the spray paint job.

Why Is Professional Paint Job Better Than DIY?

For a lot of reasons, it is better to get the paint job from an automotive repairer instead of painting by yourself. Have a look at the below-discussed reasons:

Lack of Experience:

If you don’t have experience spray painting the car, then don’t take the risk because without knowing the exact rule, you can destroy its appearance. To avoid the issue that can occur during prep, you should get a professional paint job.

Less Time:

In this busy routine, no one has time to spray paint their vehicle by themselves. That’s why they save their time. It will be very convenient for them to get the repair or respray paint service from an experienced technician.

Car Insurance:

If you have insurance for your car and it gets damaged due to an accident, then all the expenses that will occur on car repair will be bear by the insurance company. On the other hand, if you hurt your car by following DIY, then they will not take responsibility for your vehicle damage.

Safety Measures:

Sometimes I don’t care about the safety measures while painting our car by ourselves, and that can harm our health. So, it is better to go to a professional because they follow all the safety instructions.

What Is the Procedure to Protect the Repainted Car?

After getting the spray paint service, you need to protect your car from getting faded, uneven, tarnished, or dirty. Let’s talk about a few ways for your car protection in detail:

Sun Rays:

Most of the time, your vehicle gets faded because of sunlight, and in most cases, it is noticed that the paint gets cracked because of sun heat. So, to protect the paint, you should not park it under the sun.

Cover Sheet:

It is best to cover your vehicle with a cover sheet, and if you don’t have the sheet available, then you can use any kind of cloth that can cover your car properly.

If you want to purchase the cover for your car, then you can buy them from the market, and you can also order them by using different online resources.

Wash Gradually:

When the paint job is finished, and you bring your car back to you, then wait for some days as per the painter’s instruction. After that period, you should wash your car weekly to remove all the dust or birds dropping from your car. By doing this, you will keep your car looking the same as new.

Avoid to Park Beneath the Trees:

If you are parking your car beneath a tree, then birds peep or poop will fall on it, and the uric acid which is present in the birds dropping will affect the paint badly. To protect your vehicle from this kind of problem, you should avoid parking it under or near trees.

Don’t Use Dry Cloth:

When you see your car is getting dirty or the dirt particles are getting stubborn, then don’t try to remove them with a dry cloth because it will hurt the paint. So, the best option is to wash the car instead of using a hard sponge or dry cloth.

Dry the Vehicle:

Don’t wash your car in an open area because the water gets dry immediately, and spots of water drops will appear on the vehicle. Therefore, you should select a shady area for a car wash and dry it properly by yourself.


In my experience, If you want your car to resist the sunlight, then you have to follow the routine of waxing your vehicle, as waxing maintains the car’s shine and also keeps the paint fresh.

Avoid Using These Materials:

Don’t use oil on your car and if it falls on your vehicle accidentally, then wash it off without the wait for a second. Also, do the same if screen wash and petrol drop on the car.

Snow Scratching:

Don’t scratch the snow from your repainted vehicle because the paint will get scratched off or peeled off. So, you should use a soft brush to get rid of the snow.

Don’t Drive on Stepping Stoned Road:

Don’t drive your car on a stoned road for 30 to 40 days after painting because the stones can hit it, and that will hurt your vehicle’s paint.

Car Services and Their Types:

Car detailing and washing are the two most common services that cars mostly require.

Car Detailing

If your car appearance is destroyed and not clean for a long time, then car detailing is suggested. The cost that you will bear on your auto detailing will be 160$, and if you add some extra services to it, you will pay more.

Car Wash

At the car wash, the car Detailer only deals with the external area of the car, and they wipe out all the stubborn dirt particles from the car. They don’t clean the exterior in the car wash.

Difference Between Car Detailing and Car Wash

Car DetailingCar Wash
Deals with interior and exterior cleaning.Exterior cleaning.
Take little extra time than car washing.Take less time.
You will be charged more.Less expensive.
Quality cleaning and car will remain same as new.Only removes the dirt from the outer surface and of car.

Which One Is Best to Choose from Both of Them?

If you want to get quality cleaning and want your car to always look brand new, then it is better to go with car detailing than a car wash. Obviously, it takes more time or cost, but the detailer will give you the required results. Car wash is only best when you are in a hurry and have no time to get a detailing service.

How Much Does It Cost to Car Detail?

There are different services of car detailing available at different prices, so you can get an estimate of the average cost. Let’s have a look at them:

How Much Does It Cost to Car Detailing

Basic Detailing of Car:

You will be charged 45$ to 155$ for basic car detailing to get the service of detailed wash, car polishing, vacuuming, windows and mirror cleaning, tire washing, and a few coats of spray.

Interior Detailing:

The interior car detailing job is done between 125$ to 235$ which you will get the services of:

  • Cleaning of the dashboard, staring, doors, and center area of front seats, floors, drunk, and headliners.
  • Mats, floors, and the roof are washed by using shampoo.
  • Deep vacuuming.
  • Leather cleaner and conditioner are also used on the seats.

Tire Detailing and Cleaning:

It is the best advice for you to replace the old tires of your vehicle with a new one after every 5 years to avoid an accident. As I know, tires are the main part of your car because it carries the load or moves your vehicle from one place to another. That’s why detail cleaning is important gradually.

At first, they throw water on the tires to wipe out the dirt, then the detailer rubs the shampoo on the wheels with the help of a sponge pad or a brush which is usually used for this purpose. They wash off the shampoo, and if they find the debris is left, they repeat this method 1 to 2 times to clean the tires properly.

After that, the car detailer put on the quality water-based dressing on the tires to give them the required shine instead of using low-quality dressing. Plus, it protects your tires from exploding or getting dulling. In the last step, they apply the clear coat on the wheel, and in this procedure, you will pay approximately 50$ to 70$.

Fully Detail a Car:

In full car detailing, you will get the services of vacuuming, sanitizing, car wash, engine protection, cleaning, and paint corrector, and you can get more services by increasing your budget a little bit if needed. The overall expense will be around 145$ to 325$.

Shampoo the Carpets and Mat:

If you are getting the service of carpets and mats washing with shampoo, then you will be charged approx. 50$ to 80$ for it.

Exterior Detailing:

In exterior detailing, you will get the service of car windows or mirror cleaning, waxing, wheel deep cleaning and washing, and wiping out all the dirt from the car. You will for this service almost 185$ to 280$.

Waxing or Sealer:

Waxing is good for your car’s appearance and will protect your paint from getting dirty, tarnished, or cracked; approximately, the waxing price is 55$ to 100$.

Mini Car Detail:

Do You Want to Get Deep Cleaning of Your Car at a Cheaper Price? Then you can get it in your budget, which will be around 35$ to 45$. In this package, the service that will include will be:

  • Vacuuming
  • Wash
  • Waxing
  • Floor mats, seats, and headliners are washed properly.
  • Cleaning of the center area of front seats and dashboard.

Removes Acid Rain:

When the acidic material falls on your vehicle, then it affects the paint, so it is recommended to get the service of detailing immediately, which they apply acid rain removal on the car. So, the expense will have occurred around 145$ to 175$.

Premium Auto Detailing:

If your car is expensive and you want to get premium detailing, then there are three steps that which car detailer will follow:

Deep Car Wash:

First, they apply the foam on the engine and on the exterior of the car to remove the stubborn debris or dirt particles from the surface, then wash it. After that, they dry it properly.

Resolving Paint Issue:

The car detailer resolves the problems of paint, such as scratches or spots, by applying the polish on the vehicle.

Quality Sealant or Wax:

In the end, they apply quality sealant on the car to make the paint durable, and it will also protect it from getting scratched, peeled off, or faded. So, for premium car detailing, the cost will be around 350$ to 850$.

Cleaning of Engine:

If you want to resell your vehicle at a good price, then it is best to maintain its engine by getting a clean and detailed job. If you don’t do so, then the performance of your car engine will affect you badly, and you will spend almost 35$ to 310$.


To get rid of the Odor from your car, deodorizing is the best service that you should include in your package, and the cost will be about 70$ to 115$.

Cure The Dents:

If your car has deep dents, then the cost that will occur on dent removal service will be about 80$ to 155$.

Paint Protection:

To protect your car paint from getting faded, scratchy, or ugly, you should also go with paint protection, and for this, you will pay almost 360$ to 460$.

Cost of Service Type at a Single Glance:

Service TypeCost
Basic Detailing of Car45$ – 155$
Interior Detailing125$ – 235$
Tire Detailing and Cleaning50$ – 70$
Fully Detail a Car145$ – 325$
Shampoo the carpets and mat50$ – 80$
Exterior Detailing185$ – 380$
Waxing or Sealer55$ – 100$
Mini Car Detailing35$ – 45$
Removes Acid Rain145$ – 175$
Premium Auto Detailing350$ – 850$
Cleaning Of Engine35$ – 310$
Deodorizing70$ – 115$
Paint Protection360$ – 460$
Cure the Dents80$ – 155$

What Factors Can Affect the Auto Painting Cost?

The spray painting cost can be affected because of some main factors which I have mentioned below:

Size of your Vehicle:

If you have a standard-size vehicle and want to get the paint job from a professional or your car dealership, then they will do it at regular prices. But if your vehicle is larger in size, that means more material will use on it, such as extra coating of primer and more spray paint cans. So, you should set your budget according to your car size.

What Factors Can Affect the Auto Painting Cost

Damage Repair:

Sometimes your vehicle has extra damages like deep dents, scratches, or peeled off, and then the technician will charge more to cure them because they do extra prep to even the surface as per your requirements.

If you want to get only the spray paint job without removing these imperfections, then the high-end car mechanics will not take responsibility for your vehicle. So, it is best to pay more to get classy results.

Quality Results:

Do you want to get a high-quality paint job? Then it is only possible if you hire a professional for your car respray or repair and also, he will use quality products. To get high-quality results, you have to expand your budget accordingly.

Selected Paint:

When you are getting the paint job on your car of the same color or traditional colors such as grey, silver, white, and black, then it will be affordable. If you want to get a classic and unique paint job for your vehicle, then you will definitely pay more for this.

If you want to get only a single coat of expensive paint, then you will pay less, but the cost will increase if you want more coatings.


As I know, waxing a car is crucial to maintaining the car’s appearance, and it is an affordable process. But if you go with matte, metallic, pearlescent, or solid finishing, then the expenses will go higher.

These finishes make your car paint durable and long-lasting and also protect the vehicle from paint issues.


Surely you have the clear answers to “How Much Does It Cost to Spray Paint a Car?” and “What is the Cost of Respraying a Car?” to spray your car. First, you need to search for the top reviewed painter and also get a rough estimate of cost from him, which will be free of cost.
They will check the condition of your car and suggest to you what preparation is required and how much the total expense is. Then it will be easy for you to set a budget accordingly.

How Much Does It Cost to Spray Paint a Car?

How Much Does It Cost to Spray Paint Car? – FAQs

To paint your car, you need to purchase 20 to 22 cans of spray paint which will be enough for a standard-size car, and if you are painting a large vehicle, then you will need more cans of spray paint.

Yes, it is a kind of investment in which you repaint your car and increase its resale value. So, if you want to sell your car at a fair price, then you should maintain it.

Definitely, it is possible to paint your car by yourself by following the method of DIY accurately and ensuring that you are not missing even a single step during the paint job.

If you don’t like to drive a dirty car and want that your vehicle always remains neat and clean, then you should choose specific colors that don’t get dirty easily, such as light grey, silver, beige, and light blue.

The best tint spray paint for car windows is Moto-Shield Pro Premium Ceramic which will be expensive but will provide high-quality results. If you are low on budget, then go with Gila Heat Shield Basic.