Remove Decals from Car

How to Remove Decals from Car? 3 Effective Method

Many people love to apply decals on their vehicles to change their look, and by doing this, they make their cars different and unique from others. So, if you have also applied a decal on your car and want to remove it for any reason, then surely you would be thinking, How to Remove Decals From Car?”

You can remove the decals by the mentioned different methods without damaging the real paint of your vehicle:

How to Remove Car Decals from the Car? 3 Effective Method

Let’s discuss the easiest way to remove auto decals from the vehicle and also the best way to remove stickers from the car in detail:

How to Remove Factory Decals from Car Windows with Alcohol?

You can remove the decal from the car windows with alcohol more perfectly than a vehicle decal remover. But it is recommended not to apply the alcohol directly because sometimes it damages the paint of the car.

Here is the remedy to make the alcohol a perfect remover you will take one bowl of alcohol, one bowl of vinegar, and one bowl of water, then mix all of them.

After making the mixture, put it in the spray bottle, spray it on the decal, and leave it for 4 to 5 minutes. When the decal loses the adhesive, start peeling off it with a plastic scraper.

How to Remove Car Decals Without Heat?

If you want to remove the car decals without heat, you can use the ice bag, which will work amazingly. Put ice cubes inside the bag, then put them on the surface and wait for a few minutes. After that, use the debit card to take off the decal.

How to Remove Sticker From Car Paint with WD-40?

Here is another easiest way to remove decals from cars:

  • You can check at your place if you don’t have time to buy a decal remover outside. You will surely find WD-40 at your home.
  • Apply it on the decal surface and wait until it loses its adhesive from the vehicle.
  • Now pick a spatula from your kitchen to peel off the sticker, and you will see how fastly and perfectly WD-40 works.
  • When you remove the decal, you will see messy glue marks on the vehicle, so to remove them, you will rub a wet towel in a round motion. After that, you will get back the original appearance of your car in a good state.

Quick Tips to Remove Vinyl Decal From Car:

Essential Material:

  • Bucket: Take a medium-sized bucket to fill with water on it.
  • Soap and Warm Water: Mix the detergent and warm water in the bucket to make a foamy mixture.
  • Heat Gun or Hair Dryer: You can use both to give heat to the adhesive.
  • Plastic Scrapper or Hard Card: The best thing to scratch the decal is to use a plastic scrapper or your old debit or credit card.
  • Glue Remover: It will help you to remove the residues properly.
  • Cloth: To wipe the water or anything from the car using a neat and clean cloth or towel.
  • Wax: For paint protection, use the wax also.

The Process: Clean the Surface

Before starting, you need to clean the decal vehicle first to remove the stubborn dust particles from it because it can cause issues in the process. One thing you should do is to use a soft brush or sponge to wash the car, as a hard brush will scratch or peel off its paint.
Dip the sponge into the soapy mixture, then rub it on the vehicle. After that, wash the car with pressured water. You can also take the service from any car washer nearby.

When you are done with the washing process, then use the heat gun to give heat to the decal. By doing this, the glue will melt, so you can easily pull off the decal.

Clean the surface
Clean the surface

Make sure you are not using excess heat because it can burn the decal as well as the paint of your vehicle. So, confusion will occur here about how to understand whether heat is ideal or excess.

To set the accurate heat, you will need to have a temperature checker gun that will make you aware of whether the heat is suitable or not. You can also use the hair dryer to give heat to the sticker, and in case you don’t have both of these, then you can use the hot water on the decal vehicle.

Don’t throw hot water on the decal car directly because it will create a mess, so you should dip a cloth or towel in hot water and then spread it on the vehicle, which will be very helpful in removing the decal.

Remove the Sticker:

Now scratch the decal from the edges with the help of a hard card or plastic scraper instead of using the metal scraper, razor, or blade because it will destroy your vehicle’s paint, and you will not be able to get back the real paint.

In my experience, peel off it at a 45-degree angle, and whenever you feel the glue is sticking strongly again then, keep repeating the heating method until you completely remove it. You need to be very careful while peeling off the decal.

Remove the Sticker
Remove the Sticker

Get Rid of Residues of Glue:

After removing the sticker or decal successfully, you will see unwanted residues of glue on the vehicle, and then a question will arise “How to Remove Sticker Glue From Car Paint?” To remove them, you will need to purchase a glue remover that is specially designed for this job. Dip the clean cloth or towel in the remover, then clean the glue from the surface with it gently.

Get Rid of Residues of Glue
Get Rid of Residues of Glue

If you don’t have the remover, then you must have vinegar in your kitchen or fridge, which will also be very helpful for you in cleaning the adhesive. Don’t rub the surface with sharp brushes to avoid scratch problems.

Apply Wax, Then Clean it:

Let’s come to the last or final step, in which you will again clean the surface with a towel, or also you can get the car wash service. Then apply a quality wax on it to protect the paint. Now you will get back to the real state of your car.

What are the Benefits of Waxing a Car?

Car waxing is very important for your car paints. Let’s discuss its advantages in detail:

  • With the use of wax on the vehicle, it will not get scratched easily.
  • The top coat of the paint is protected by the use of wax.
  • Your vehicle will survive in any weather or climate if you keep waxing it every 2 to 3 months.
  • The best thing is that your car will always shine and always look like a new car that will increase its market value, so you will sell it at a suitable price according to your demand.

How to Remove Truck Decals?

To remove the truck decals, you will need to follow these below-mentioned steps carefully and make sure you will not miss a single step because it will create a lot of mess and then will take a lot of time to fix.

First, you will need to gather all the essential tools that will help you in the whole process, such as a Hair dryer, glue remover, hard card, foamy water, clean cloth or towel, and wax.

Remove Truck Decals
Remove Truck Decals

Heat the Decal:

Turn on the hair dryer, give heat to the decal’s surface until the adhesive loses, and don’t overheat it because it will harm the paint of your truck.

How to Remove Decals from Car
How to Remove Decals from Car

Peel Off the Decal:

When the decal loses its glue then starts peeling off from the edges to the end and removes the sticker from all the parts of the truck. When the glue gets dry again, then reheat it and keep repeating the heating process whenever you feel that the glue is becoming hard.

Peel off the decal
Peel off the decal

Apply the Remover:

After the peeling procedure, residues of glue will appear on the truck that will not be acceptable to you at any cost, and you will want to remove them immediately.

So, it would be best if you used a specific remover that is designed to remove the adhesive. Then leave it on the surface for a few minutes. After that, use the hard card to scratch off all the glue.

Clean and Wash:

Now apply the foamy water on the truck and rub it with a sponge, then wash it with pressured water. Then clean and dry the surface with the use of a clean towel.

Clean and wash
Clean and wash


Hire a professional to cure all the damages and then apply wax on the truck to make it shiny or attractive it will also protect it from getting scratched.

Final Words:

Although you got to know “How to Remove Auto Decal?” and “How to Remove Adhesive from Car Paint?” So, you can get rid of old car decals by yourself easily without harming your vehicle’s paint by following any of the above-mentioned ways.

As most of the material I have discussed in the entire article repeatedly, you will get that at your home. Don’t use the alcohol and warm water directly on the decal’s car to avoid problems.

You can also hire a professional if you have no confidence to remove it by DIY, and he will also cure all the paint damage that will occur during the decal removal process. Now the choice is all yours to do it by yourself or get the service from a professional.

How to Remove Decals from Car?

How to Remove Decals from Car? – FAQs

Here is an amazing recipe to make the best window at home for removing car window stickers:

  • Take one-fourth bowl of apple cider vinegar, two bowls of water, 1 tbs of starch, 10 to 12 drops of oil, and one-fourth of alcohol.
  • Then mix it and now fill a spray bottle with this mixture.
  • Spray it on the windows and give it some time to wait for the adhesive to get loose.
  • It’s time to peel off the decal from the windows smoothly.

There is no rocket science to remove the sticker from the bumper to know “How to Peel off Stickers?” you should scroll down to get the answer clearly:

  • First, you will spray the car adhesive remover all over the decal’s surface and wait for it for 4 to 5 minutes.
  • When you see the sticker starting to peel off from the surface, then scratch it off by using your waste debit card or any kind of hard card.
  • After wiping out the adhesive, wash the surface with soapy water.

No, it is not difficult at all because of all the essential materials you will get at your places, like a blow dryer, towel, an old debit card, homemade remover, and a soapy mixture. So, you can do it easily within an hour by following the right method.

It is not true because Goo Gone Automotive is specially designed to remove the decal adhesive from the vehicle, and it performs its task very efficiently without harming the paint.

No, both are different from each other; Goo Goon is known as the quality cleaner for the car that does not damage the paint. On the other hand, Goo Gone also removes the decal from the vehicle, but it hurts the paint of the vehicle badly.

WD-40 is designed to be used on everything from which you want to remove the adhesive, and it will not damage rubber, plastic, wood, or metal. So, you can use it freely on anything without getting the stress of damaging the paint.