How much is Window Tinting?

How much is Window Tinting? What Factors can Affect the Cost of Window Tint?

Tinting is undoubtedly one of the best options for your auto windows to give them a new look while also protecting your eyes from bright light or sun when you’re driving. But here the question is, How much is Window Tinting?” This depends on the quality of the tints you are about to use What Factors Can Affect the Cost of Window Tint?

So, if you are buying low-quality tint, then the expense will be low, or in case you are choosing high quality, the cost will go higher. To know the Cost of Tint Car windows you should have a look at the entire article.

How Much Is Window Tinting? For Different Sizes!

The cost of tint will be different according to your auto window size. Let’s discuss a few vehicles to get a cost estimation:

Cost of Coupes Window Tinting:

As I know, coupes are two-door cars that have curved shape four windows, and it is a little bit tricky for you or for a technician to tint them. So, the coupe’s window tint price range, including labor expenses, will be about 130$ to 160$.

Coupes window tinting
Coupes window tinting

Cost of SUV Window Tinting:

The size of SUVs’ windows is big, and that’s why more material is used in the tinting process, which means you will pay more for windows tinting. The average price for tinting car windows will be around 270$ to 780$. And if you want to tint only the rear windows, then the cost to tint the rear windows will be 80$ to 260$.

SUVs Window Tinting
SUVs Window Tinting

Cost of Tinting Truck Windows:

The cost of truck window tinting will be more than standard cars because the truck is big, so its window tinting cost will be almost 370$. In case you want to tint the sliders of the truck, then you will pay more.

Truck window tinting
Truck window tinting

Sedans Windows Tinting Cost:

If you want to tint your sedan windows which are seven in number, then you will pay 60$ for each window. And if you want to use high-quality tint, then the price will be 100$ for each window, and you will surely get a satisfying result.

Sedans Windows Tinting
Sedans Windows Tinting

Auto Window Tint Quote for VAN:

You can also tint your VAN windows and the cost will depend on the number of windows you are going to tint. For example, if you want to do it on all sides of your VAN, then you will spend 260$ to 720$.

Auto Window Tint Quote for VAN
Auto Window Tint Quote for VAN

Tint Cost for Tesla:

When it comes to using the tint on Tesla windows then, first, you should know its model because there are a lot of Tesla models available, so the cost of tint for each model will be different. To let you know about their cost, I have discussed below in detail:

Tint Cost for Tesla

Tesla Model Y:

The sunroof of the Model Y is a little tricky to tint because of its headliner. In my experience, first of all, it is recommended to separate the headliners carefully from the roof to apply the tint on every corner of it. The average price for the window tint of the Tesla Model Y will be about 450$ to 720$.

Tesla Model 3:

If you are deciding to tint your Model 3 back window, then you will surely know about its big size. As it is clear it will also be crucial to get the tinting service from an experienced installer to get appropriate and needed finishing, and the expense will be 900$.

Tesla Model X:

This model has a large-sized windshield which will require a larger quantity of material and will take a lot of time to do the tint job. Its procedure and cost will be the same as you read in Model Y.

What Will Be the Cost of Different Types of Windows Tints?

When I talk about the variables of tint that are available in the market, then I should keep in mind that the prices of all types of tints are different from each other. You should read the below-mentioned details to know the cost of all of them:

Dyed Tint:

It is best to buy the dyed window tint when your budget is low. Dye is applied on the windows after mixing the dye and adhesive. This cheap tint will not provide you extra service and will fade or bubble day by day due to sun rays.

Carbon Tint:

You should use carbon tint on the windows, which is formulated by carbon particles to protect your car from effective rays of light. By using it, the interior will remain cool and fresh. Carbon tint is more durable and long-lasting than dyed tint, but it will be a little difficult to watch outside through carbon-tinted windows.

So, if you want to avoid these types of problems, then you should purchase the best carbon tint, which is designed with nano-sized carbon particles.

Ceramic Tint:

If your budget is high, then go with a non-metallic ceramic window tint, which will give you the required result. Through its use, you can easily see outside of the car without facing any kind of haze or glare issue.

The ceramic tint will not fade, and it will remain the same even after years. Because of its advanced formation and technology, the ceramic tint cost will be more than the above-discussed tints.

What Factors Will Affect the Cost of Window Tint?

There are a lot of factors that affect the cost of window tint, so if you want to know about them, then scroll down:

Factors affect the cost of window tint

Older or Unique Vehicle:

Some vehicles are old or unique it will take extra time and money for window tinting.

Quality of Tint:

If you want to use a tint on your vehicle, which will be durable, then it will be your priority to use that tint which is formulated with non-metallic and quality material. So, the cost of first-class tint will be higher.

Remove the Tint:

In case there is a previous tint on the windows, then the tint removal will be used on them, and surely you will pay more for it. If you do not remove it before tinting, then you will get the worst or most inappropriate finishing.

Branded Tint:

To get the required result, you will need to buy the branded and top-reviewed tint on your expensive car windows. When you apply the branded tint on-screen windows, then I can see that everything will be visible from the inside, but I can’t see anything inside the car from the outside.

Technical Experience:

It is best to get the tinting services from a professional rather than do it by yourself because one wrong step will create a mess. So, if you hire a technician for tint installation, you will be handsomely charged.


A professional one will use all materials in the tinting process such as knives, torches, lights, spray, and squeegee kits.

They will also choose a suitable area or ventilated area to tint your car windows, and they ensure that applied tint will resist in any environment. If you do it by yourself, then it will be hard for you to follow each rule.

Type of Vehicle:

When it comes to tinting small-sized car windows, you will be paid less for it, and if you are choosing a large and taller vehicle, then it is obvious that the expense will be higher.

One more thing, if you want to tint only 2 to 3 windows of your vehicle, then it will be done within your budget. On the other hand, if you want to tint the overall screens of the vehicle, then you will need to expand your budget accordingly.


While choosing the auto windows tint, you will need to check whether your selected tint has a lifetime warranty or not. And if you choose the tint whose warranty will expire after a short period, then you will waste your money on it. So, it is suggested to spend a little more on the purchase of lifetime warranted tint.

Laws and Rules:

Before getting the auto window tint service, you need to check the laws of your government through which you will understand the criteria of tinting. Then you will get to know whether you can tint your car windows darker or not.

What Will Be the Advantage of the Auto Windows Tinting?

There are a lot of advantages of tinting your vehicle by top reviewed professional, which I have explained below:

  • If you get the tint job from a high-end professional, then the tinted glass will not be cracked badly or torn into pieces in a severe accident.
  • It will block the sun’s rays from getting inside the car.
  • The sun’s rays fade the color of your dashboard, steering, seats, and carpets. So, if the quality tint is applied to the car windows, then it will protect the interior from getting faded or rough.
  • Tint also helps to keep the temperature balanced and cool inside the car because it does not allow the heat and rays to enter the car properly.
  • You can easily see outside from the car-tinted windows, but no one can see inside the car by standing outside. And it will also save you from thieves.

How to Tint Your Vehicles Windows? DIY Method

If you want to save money and time, then you should tint your car at your place. Have a look to learn the procedure:


First, you need to check the law of your state about your car window tinting. Then, you can do your job accordingly.

Safety of Windows:

While using the knife in the tinting process, you will need to be very careful. Otherwise, you can hurt yourself with it.

Make sure the soap is not going inside your ears, mouth, and eyes, and don’t use a lot of water because it will destroy the speakers and window switches of your car.

Time Required:

You will do the tint job by yourself within 3 to four hours if you have any experience.

Essential Material:

Here are some essential tools are mentioned below which will be used in the car tinting process:

  • Squeegee
  • Hot air blower
  • Sharp cutter
  • Card
  • Spray can

Optional Material:

  • Dishwasher
  • Tint
  • Water

After gathering all the essential tools, you should select the ventilated area for your window tinting process.

How to Prep Auto Windows for Tint?

  • Clean the place properly where you are going to tint your car windows because dust particles and humidity will cause uneven finishing.
  • Check if there is any kind of glue or adhesive on the window, then remove them first.
  • After that, use the cleaner which is designed for vehicles and spray it on the windows properly, then remove the stubborn particles of dust or debris from the window by using the sharp cutter carefully.
  • Clean the surface again with a dry cloth or towel.
  • Again, roll the window to get rid of a little moisture.

How to Prep Tint Before Applying?

  • Take the measurements of the window for which you are buying tint.
  • Now put it on the window and spray the foamy water, which enables it to stick on the surface temporarily to check whether you are cutting the tint nicely or not.
  • Take the roll and cut it according to your measurements, and it is suggested to leave 3 inches of extra tint from each side.
  • Then use the cutter to cut the extra border or edges of the tint from all sides.
  • To remove the bubbles from the finishing of the tint, use the hot air blower.

How to Put On the Tint?

  • First, clean the windows to remove moisture and debris.
  • Then apply the tint on the window and spray the foamy water.
  • After that, use a hard card to remove the bubbles from the glass, and it will also help you to apply the tint accurately on the glass.
  • When the water gets dry, spray the water again and repeat this process until you stick the tint neatly on the surface.
  • Now leave it for a few times to dry properly and follow the same procedure on the rest windows.

Final Verdicts:

Although you have surely got the answer to “How Much Does Window Tinting?” and “How Much is it to Tint Windows?” So, if you want to keep the temperature of the inside car balanced and cool, then tinting is the best option for you, and it will also protect you from the sun rays and sharp lights.

As per my recommendation, it is best to get the service from a professional because they will give you guaranteed results, but it doesn’t mean I’m bounding you to choose one. It’s up to you to choose the suitable one for you as per your budget.

How Much Is Window Tinting?

How Much Is Window Tinting?- FAQs

According to professional estimation, the tinting cost of 4-door cars will be between 110$ and 410$. It can also go higher if you choose the high-quality tint.

As per the research, the tint lasts on the car windows for about 5 to 6 six years with proper care. So, if you want it to stay longer on your vehicle, then you should not use any kind of toxic material on the windows because the chemicals will affect the tint badly.

You can also tint your home windows because of their use. No one can see inside your house, and you will only see outside the window.
It also keeps the temperature of your room or house balanced. The cost that will occur on home window tinting will be around 320$ to 920$.

Yes, it will be hard to see outside from your dark tinted windows at night, so it is recommended to choose the right percentage of tint that will not affect the visibility at night.

Yes, if you don’t like the darker color and want to allow some light or heat to enter inside your car, then check the tinted windows percentage chart, on which you will see that 50 percent front windshield tint will go according to your requirement.

It will be the best decision for you to put the tint inside the windows because it will not fade or peel off early and will last for longer on the glass. On the other hand, if you apply it on the outside of the window, then it will affect the climate over time.

If you want a lesser amount of heat or light to enter inside the van, then the tinted front windows cost of the van will be 120$ to 300$.

Ceramic tint is a non-metallic and high-quality tint that gives us advanced technologies like blocking the heat, and extra light coming inside the car will not crack badly in a car accident.
So, this window tint price range will start from 399$ and can go higher according to your number and size of windows.