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If you have a car, then surely you drive it daily, and if for any reason it gets damaged, then obviously, it is not possible to change the vehicle just for some little impairment. So, here the best option for you is to give it a repair or repaint service because the cost of the paint job will be less than purchasing a new car.

But you’re not sure how much you will be charged for your car repair? Stop worrying because you can go to your selected automotive workshop, and there you will find a Car Paint Job Cost Estimator who will guide you properly without charging any fees.

Car Paint Job Cost Estimator
Car Paint Job Cost Estimator

But before going any deeper, there is one more thing that you should know if you are thinking of getting an estimate on the phone or through a brochure. Then it is not possible because without checking your car’s condition, the estimator will not be able to tell you the exact cost of the car paint job.

Sometimes during the painting process, more damages in the vehicle are found by you or the technician who is ignored at the estimation time, then you will have to spend more money.

Now the question arises “How Much Do Car Paint Jobs Usually Cost?” and “What Affects the Cost to Paint Your Car?”. To know the answer, have a look at both the below-mentioned methods and decide which will go according to your requirements or budget.

Things to Know Before Car Paint Job Cost Estimator

Before doing any estimation first, you need to decide whether you are painting your car by yourself or hiring a professional company then you can set your budget accordingly.

Car paint job cost estimator

DIY Method (Do-It-Yourself)

Do you want to paint your car at a low price? Then it is the best option for you to do it by yourself, and it is also a time-saving process. You are well aware of the condition of your vehicle, so shortlist the required material which you are going to use.

If you want to calculate the total cost of essential tools and want to know “What is Surface Preparation for Paint?” and “Why Is It Important to Paint a Car?” then go through the below details:

1) Sandpaper:

If you are going to paint your car first, you need to clean the surface properly to remove the little particles of dirt. After that, use a suitable size of sandpaper to get the uneven or flat surface, and the cost of sanding will be around 20$.

What Affects the Cost to Paint Your Car
What Affects the Cost of Paint Your Car

If your car is damaged badly, then it will take several hours to cure the dents and scratches. When sanding is done, wipe out the area again with a damp cloth.

2) Body Filler:

If your car is hit badly and gets deep dents or scratches, which is not only possible with sandpaper, then use the body filler after sanding for better results.

Body filler on Car
Body filler on Car

3) Painter’s Tape:

Masking tape is used to cover the areas that you are not going to paint, such as windows, headlights, windshields, outdoor mirrors, bumpers, and tires; otherwise, these areas will get stains of paint then, it will be hard or time take for you to remove them. The cost price of the tape is almost 30$.

Tapping car
Apply Taping

4) Drop Cloth:

You don’t need to spend the money on the purchasing of a sheet because you can arrange it from your home.

5) Primer:

Now it’s time to apply the 2 to 3 thin layers of primer to the surface, which allows the paint to stick on the surface for a longer time.

Apply primer on car
Apply primer on the car

Car Paint Job by Professionals

If you don’t want to take the risk of painting your car by yourself and have a great budget, then you must get the paint job service from professionals.

Car paint by professional
Car paint by a professional

They will paint or repair your vehicle efficiently, and, they will charge as per your requirements. The interesting part is you can also select your suitable price range paint jobs, and these are mentioned below in detail:

1) Low Budget Paint Job (Maaco $300 paint job):

If you have a limited budget and want to hire a professional for your car paint, then it is possible because the Maaco-type workshops offer the paint and repair service at a low price.

In my experience, they follow the process of sanding, cleaning, and priming the surface to get an even finish. When primer gets dry, they apply 3 to 4 coats of urethane paint on the car and give the ideal time for each layer to get dry, so they will charge 350$ to 1050$.

One thing you should keep in mind is that you will not get the exact paint color with a cheap method.

2) Medium Budget Paint Job (Maaco $1,000 paint job):

In the mid-range paint job, the technician will properly even the car dents in prep and apply the primer on the whole surface to get a flat and smooth surface.

Then the mechanic gives the first coat of your selected urethane paint to the car, and they apply the 2nd or 3rd layer when the previous one gets dry.

The repairers provide the exact color of your car, which you have chosen. In the end, the sealer is applied to make the lower coats durable, and the cost will be around 1100$ to 4600$.

3) High Budget Paint Job:

If you are looking for a classy paint job for your expensive car, then it is suggested to go to your car showroom because they will be more reliable than others.

First of all, the mechanic removes the previous color of the vehicle by using the paint remover and then deals with the damages, such as using body filler to fill the dents, rub pad, and sandpaper on the car to remove the rust, or to get even surface.

After that, they apply the quality primer coats on the prep area to give the long life to paint, so when the primer gets dry, they put on 22 to 24 layers of top quality and expensive paint.

To lock or for a shiny look, they apply a clear coat on the car, which enhances the beauty of your car. So, approximately this high-budget paint job starts from $6000, and sometimes it goes to $21000.

How much does a paint job cost?

Is it necessary to get the Paint on My Car with preparation?

Are you serious about getting only the paint on your car without prep? So let me tell you that it will be the worst decision to waste the money because the uneven, scratchy, rusty, and rough surface will be prominent a lot, or in the end, you will not get the ideal finishing.

So, it is suggested that if you are spending the money on paint service, then pay a little more for your prep for better results.

1) Paint Sprayer and Nozzles:

The spray gun and its nozzles make it easy to paint your car efficiently and quickly, and the cost of this sprayer is around 70$.

2) Safety Measures:

Don’t forget to wear gloves, a face mask, and eye protection glasses while painting because these toxic paints can harm your skin, eyes, or lungs badly. And if you want to cover your full body, then you can wear a protective suit.

An airy or open area will be best for the auto body painting job because the suffocated area can cause breathing problems. Also, if you paint your vehicle near a flame, then the harmful chemicals of both will react badly.

3) Paint:

Acrylic paint is a good choice to paint your car on a low budget because it gives a shiny, glossy, semi-glossy finish, and it also protects your car from corrosion or rust.

Put on the thin coat of paint on the car, then leave it to get dry and repeat this procedure 3 to 4 times until you get the required color.

Don’t overspray the paint because it will destroy your paintwork, and your vehicle will look dirty, so follow the rules properly to get even coverage.

 For a car paint job, 2 gallons of the paint is enough, and approximately the cost of each gallon will be 30$. 

4) Clear Coat:

The final step is to apply the top coat because it protects the base layers and makes the paint durable. It will also protect your car from scratches and tarnish. So, buy 1 gallon of clear coat for the car, and you will have to pay 50$ to 75$ for it.

Does Rusting Paint Make Your Car Rot?

Yes, it will destroy your car, and you will not be able to repair it, so it is best to cure it early. So, if you want to remove the rust from your vehicle, then, first of all, rub the affected area hard with the help of the Brillo pad. After that, use the sandpaper for an even surface.

Put on the 2 coats of the rust converter on the car, and leave it overnight. Now apply 2 to 3 layers of quality rust block primer on the surface and give time to each layer to get dry.

Rusting on car
Rusting on car

Again, use the sandpaper to get a smooth and shiny surface, and when you are satisfied that the surface is ready to paint, apply the thin layers of paint and then give another coat to the car when the first one gets dry properly so you can repeat these 4 to 5 times until you get your required coverage.

How Much Does the Average Car Paint Job Cost of the DIY Method?

So, it is clear that the average cost of a car paint job will be around about 300$ to 350$, so you can paint your car by yourself on a low budget.

What Affects the Cost of Painting a Car?

Below are the main factors discussed in detail that can affect the cost of a paint job:

Vehicle’s Size:

If the size of your vehicle is large, then the cost of the paint job will automatically increase, so set your budget according to your car size.

Quality of Paint:

The cost will vary according to the quality of the paint. If you are going with enamel paint, then the cost will not be affected, and if you choose the more expensive paints, then you will have to spend a lot of money.

Color of the Paint:

If you want to give your car a different and unique color, then it will be an expensive or cost-effective procedure.

Select color of car paint
Select the color of the car paint


To get the classic, shiny, matte, or glossy look, you will be charged extra money for it, and if you choose the ceramic finish, then the cost will go higher.

Is It Worth Spray Painting a Car?

Using spray paint on cars is not a good idea because for many reasons it can disappoint you, so let’s talk about them:

1) Slow Pressure:

The pressure of the spray paint is slow as compared to the air sprayers. That’s why it will take a lot of time to complete the paint job and will not provide even coverage.

2) Blockage of Paint:

While spraying the paint blocks then, you will have to shake them again and again to continue the paint job, and it will be very disturbing for you.

3) Not Permanent:

If you are expecting that spray paints will last for longer on your car, just like urethane, acrylic, or enamel, then it is impossible because these paints are not durable and fade, scratchy, and peel off within a few years.

4) Color Problem:

And the main problem is the color of the spray paint will not go according to your requirements.

Does Body Work Affect Paint Cost?

Bodywork paint cost depends on the condition of your car. If your car is destroyed in an accident, then it will be a time-consuming procedure, and the mechanic will charge more than your expectations. So, it means the bodywork will surely affect the cost of the paint.

Is It Cheaper to Wrap or Paint a Car?

Wrapping a car is a little more expensive process than a paint a car, so the cost of professional wrapping will be 2500$ to 5000$, and on the other hand, you will spend only 1000$ for the car paint job, which is more affordable.

Is it cheaper to wrap
Is it cheaper to wrap

When Is Wrapping Necessary?

Here are some situations when you can wrap the car with different designs:

Sports Car:

If you have a sports car, then it will be the best choice for you to change its look with the use of animated or designed vinyl wrap, and it will enhance the beauty of your vehicle.

Eye Appeal:

Are you bored with your car color and want to give it a graphic look? Then it is suggested to visit the market or online source and buy the graphic vinyl wrap for your car transformation.

Cure the Damages:

If your car paint is peeled off or cracked and you don’t want to paint it again, then wrap can be used to cover the damage.

What Are Prep Required Before Vinyl Wrap?

Before starting the wrapping process, you should cure the paint damage to get a flat surface, and then you will get neatness in your work. Follow the below steps to cover the imperfections:

Step1: Wash the Car

First of all, you need to wash the car properly to remove the grease from your car.

Step2: Remove Dust Particles

Wipe out all the stubborn dirt particles or the poop of the bird from the surface to get smooth and perfect finishing.

Step3: Paint Corrector

Some car repairer says it is not essential to cover the paint scratches before paint, but if you asked any professional technician, he would surely suggest you cover the damages first and then go to other steps.

Why is My Car’s Paint Faded?

If you are noticing that your car color is getting dull or fading and asking yourself, “Why Does Old Paint Fade?” so to know the answer check the below explained reasons:

1) Sun Rays:

The main reason for the color fading of your vehicle is the sharp rays of the sun that will oxidize the paint color day by day. So, you should cover your car with a protective sheet when it is parked under the sun.

2) De-icing Salt:

If snow falls on your car, then the de-icing salt that is mixed into the natural snow will affect your paint appearance.

3) Deep Scratches:

These scratches come when the car washer uses the rubbing pad on the car hard, and because of it, the vehicle starts losing its original color.

4) Guano:

A lot of time, I see guano on the car and don’t bother it. That’s why the uric acid of it dulls the color of paint slowly, so it is a suggestion to wipe out the bird’s poop as soon as you see it on your car.

5) Chemicals:

Some chemicals are mixed into the air because of some waste material, and it will give your car a rough, old, or dull look.

6) Rust:

If you are ignoring the little marks of rust, then you will see how fast it spreads all over the car and will eat the paint.

Is it Worth it to Repainting a Car?

If you are painting or repairing your car when it needs and taking good care of your vehicle, that means you are increasing the resale value of your car, and it’s like an investment strategy.

What Is the Method to Protect the Repainted Car?

To protect your repainted vehicle, here are the instructions that you should follow:

  • Make a routine to wash the painted vehicle once a week.
  • Give a thin coat of wax to the car daily.
  • Clean your car daily.
  • Put on the plastic color when it is parked.
  • Don’t use a rugged and dry cloth.
  • Avoid parking your car near the trees.
  • If your car is covered with snow, then don’t use the hard tool to remove it.

FAQs: Car paint Job Cost Estimation

It depends on the condition of your car, so if your car is a little affected, it will take 3 to 4 days to get repaired properly, and in case the body is affected because of rust or has deep dents, then it will take a maximum of 5 days.

As we know, there is a difference between the original color of the car and the repainted color, so when you get the paint job, then the resale value of your vehicle will be affected.

Auto Collision is a professional car repairer who provides you with all kinds of repair services even if your vehicle is in very bad shape because of a severe accident.

Red and white are the hardest colors to paint because if they get any problems during the painting, then they prominent a lot in finishing after getting dry.

No, you can’t use it in your vehicle because there is acid inside the vinegar that will harm your car paint.

If you are getting the paint job services from your car showroom, then there is no chance of slapdash, and they will provide you with the required result.

Yes, it is possible to paint over the existing paint, and to get a fine result, you need to prepare the surface by sanding and priming, then apply the coat of the paint to the car.

No, because it will not cover the scratches at all, so you should follow the above-mentioned process properly to remove them permanently.

The paint color durability depends on the quality of paint which is used on the car, so if you get a high-quality paint job, then it will remain the same for 15 years, and the low-quality paints last for 5 to 10 years.

If your car gets damaged badly and you have insurance on your car, then the insurance company will bear all the expenses that will occur on your car repairing or repainting.

If you only want to repair the damages from the body of your vehicle without getting a paint job service in mid-range, then the almost cost of bodywork will be 100$ to 2600$, or if you go to any higher car showroom for repair service, then they will charge more.

Painting your car should be as good as a professional painter does, and it is only possible if you follow the method. Sand the surface properly to get a smooth finish, then apply a high-quality primer for the durability of the paint. After that, you should use quality paint and a clear coat to make your car’s appearance more attractive.

Yes, your wrong decision of skimping on paint will ruin the look of your car over time because the cheap quality paints don’t stay long on the surface, and the color gets scratchy, faded, and rusty. So, it is best to use high-quality paints for durability and long-lasting results.

To paint the sedan professionally, you will be charged around about 4000$ to 4500$, except for the labor fee. In this process, they will clean, sand, and prime the surface for smooth finishing. After that, they apply quality paint coats on the car.

Yes, you can wash your car after 70 to 80 days of paint job because the paint takes a little time to stick on the surface hardness. But if you wash it before the recommended time, then the paint of your car will peel off or get scratched.

Yes, it is quite affordable to repaint the car with the same color, but if you want to get a custom paint job to give your car a brand-new and attractive look, then you will have to increase your budget.


Although you have understood the answer to “How Do You Estimate an Auto Paint Job?” it is the best option for you to consult with a Car Paint Job Cost Estimator to know about the expenses before painting the job.

Then you can decide whether you are going to paint your vehicle by yourself at an affordable price or hire a high-end professional painter.