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Vantablack Paint Job Cost: Exploring Vantablack’s Versatility

Vantablack is a unique invention by NanoSystems Inc., which originated in the United Kingdom. Vantablack is a material made of incredibly small but strong carbon nanotubes that has the remarkable ability to capture almost all incoming light, revealing a world of profound darkness. Beyond its mesmerizing attraction, this extraordinary paint spans boundaries, finding its use in the breadth of space telescopes, industrial cameras, and even the fantasies of daily enthusiasts wishing to adorn their creations, be they vehicles or walls, with an unrivaled feeling of refinement.


As you venture into the domain of Vantablack paint, the conversation automatically leads to one critical factor – the price that comes with this pinnacle of refinement. In the investigation that follows, I explore the complexities of Vantablack paint job cost and the elements that delicately weave into its price tapestry.

What is Vantablack?


Understanding what Vantablack paints is crucial before delving into the depths of a cost analysis. Vantablack, created by Surrey NanoSystems, stands as the acronym for “Vertically Aligned NanoTube Arrays.” This paint effectively transforms three-dimensional objects covered in it into two-dimensional black holes by absorbing an astonishing 99.96% of visible light. Its uses vary from scientific apparatus to creative endeavors, where it transforms surfaces into the darkest of blacks.

The Enchanting Uses of Vantablack Paint

Vantablack paint, with its extraordinary light-absorbing capabilities, has taken the globe by storm. Originally designed for scientific and aeronautical uses, this revolutionary material has made its way into a variety of industries, sparking innovation and inspiring new applications.

Astronomy: Illuminating Precision

Vantablack’s enchantment has made an incredible impact on a variety of industries. Its outstanding application on telescopes and cameras in astronomy serves a critical role in reducing stray light. This reduction in unwanted light improves the accuracy and precision of observations, allowing scientists to more clearly reveal the secrets of the cosmos.

Redefining Automotive Customization

Vantablack Car
Vantablack Car

The personalization options provided by Vantablack Paint are nearly unlimited. Car enthusiasts and manufacturers can both experiment with novel design aspects, such as contrasting Vantablack details on lighter-colored vehicles. This amount of customization not only improves the vehicle’s overall look but also provides an aura of exclusivity that appeals to future buyers.

Stealth in the Military: Unseen Advantage

In the world of military technology, Vantablack’s versatilities are harnessed for stealth purposes. Vantablack advances stealth technology by efficiently decreasing an object’s visibility to a wide range of detecting techniques. In my experience the material’s capacity to absorb and minimize reflections makes it a useful asset in reducing the presence of a target, providing a strategic advantage in a variety of defense applications.

Artistic Allure: The Abyss of Creativity

Vantablack Artistic Masterpieces
Vantablack Artistic Masterpieces

Vantablack, in addition to its scientific and military uses, has inspired a new depth of inventiveness in the world of art. Vantablack-infused artistic masterpieces generate a profound feeling of mystery and awe. Objects coated with this exclusive paint appear to disintegrate into an abyss, providing a surreal and compelling visual experience that defies perceptions and enhances the imagination.

The Price Tag of Unprecedented Darkness

The allure of Vantablack’s deep blackness and astounding light-absorbing properties ultimately leads to the inquiry, “How much does Vantablack paint cost?” However, determining a single, fixed cost is more difficult than it appears. Vantablack is created using a complex and patented manufacturing process that involves the development of carbon nanotubes on a substrate. This makes it far more expensive to manufacture than traditional paints.

Price of Vantablack S-VIS


Vantablack S-VIS is a unique formulation that is frequently utilized in scientific applications such as telescopes. It is not normally accessible for public purchase. It is one of two sprayable paints manufactured by Vantablack, and it requires a specific license, a temperature range of 100–280 °C, and vacuum post-processing. Vantablack S-VIS prices vary based on where you buy it and how much you buy. A 100 mL container typically costs approximately £35.00.

Price of Vantablack HS-VIS

Vantablack HS-VIS is a sprayable variant intended for bigger surface areas and a broader range of applications. This version is less expensive than S-VIS, although it is still expensive and primarily intended for industrial applications. It, like Vantablack S-VIS, requires a specific license, a temperature range of 100-280 °C, and vacuum post-processing. Vantablack HS-VIS, on the other hand, costs between $4,512 and USD 6,526. Shipping prices may vary based on the vendor and the country.

Price of Vantablack VBx2

Vantablack VBx2 is a more user-friendly version of Vantablack that is intended for architectural and aesthetic applications. While it is less expensive than the other formulas, it is still more expensive than standard paints. Prices vary, however, for architectural applications, Vantablack VBx2 costs roughly £200 per sqm (excluding VAT).

Average Cost Of Vantablack Paint Job

The cost of having an automobile painted with Vantablack is much greater than the cost of ordinary paint jobs. While ordinary automotive painting costs as little as $500, a Vantablack paint job will almost certainly cost more, possibly reaching $10,000. This is due in part to the specialized paint itself, which may range from $100 to $200 per quart depending on the manufacturer.

Vantablack Paint Job
Vantablack Paint Job

Labor costs are another aspect that contributes to the overall cost. In my experience, the application of Vantablack involves the use of a competent painter and entails several technical procedures, which add to the labor costs. Because of the unusual paint and labor-intensive procedure, a Vantablack paint job is a more expensive yet eye-catching alternative for automobile owners looking for a unique aesthetic.

Factors Influencing Vantablack Paint Job Cost

Vantablack Type: There are several varieties of Vantablack, each designed for a certain use. The price varies depending on the type, such as Vantablack VBx2 for architectural usage, Vantablack S-VIS for scientific apparatus, or Vantablack HS-VIS for industrial application.

  • Surface Area: The amount of Vantablack paint needed for a job is determined by the amount of surface area to be covered. Larger surfaces need more paint, which adds to the overall cost.
  • Application Method: Precision and experience are required while applying Vantablack paint. The cost might vary depending on whether it is applied using spray techniques or other methods due to labor and equipment costs.
  • Preparation and Base Coat: Proper surface preparation and the application of an appropriate base coat are required for excellent Vantablack effects. These extra processes might raise the ultimate cost of the project.
  • Professional Services: Enlisting the assistance of specialists with Vantablack application skills provides a spotless finish but may incur additional costs.
  • Customization: Some projects might require customization or extensive details, which might raise the price owing to the extra time and work required.

How to Paint a Car with Vantablack?

Painting your vehicle with Vantablack is a highly specialized process that requires the use of certain supplies as well as skills. Furthermore, there may be regulatory implications to painting a vehicle in such a dark material, since it may impair visibility and hence safety.

Here’s a speculative breakdown of how an automobile may be painted with Vantablack:

  • Prepare the surface: Before painting, the car’s surface must be thoroughly cleaned and sanded to guarantee adequate paint application. Before painting, any rust or damage should be rectified.
  • Equipment: Considering Vantablack’s specific qualities and difficulties, highly specialized spraying equipment might be required. Typically, this equipment is not commercially available.
  • Primer: A primer designed specifically for Vantablack may be required. Allow the primer to dry completely after applying it evenly.
  • Applying Vantablack: Given the highly specialized nature of Vantablack’s application process, extremely specific processes and settings must be followed, as specified by the manufacturer or other specialists.
  • Drying/Curing: Vantablack may need a specialized curing procedure, which may involve certain air conditions, temperatures, or additional factors.
  • Quality Control: It is critical to inspect the Vantablack coating. Due to the ultra-black nature of the material, spotting flaws may be difficult and need specialized equipment.

Vantablack: Is it Worth Investing?

When investing in Vantablack, it’s important to consider both its special qualities and potential uses. Vantablack, a substance that absorbs a large quantity of light, has found use in sectors such as astronomy and defense. However, its specialized uses and the difficulties associated with integrating it into diverse industries must be carefully evaluated.

However, investing in Vantablack for automotive applications gives a special potential but requires cautious thought. Vantablack’s light-absorbing capabilities have the potential to revolutionize automotive design by producing sleek, visually appealing exteriors while also boosting energy efficiency through improved heat absorption.


Vantablack, contrary to popular assumption, is not for sale to the general public. Due to the complexity of the application procedure and potential safety risks, it is only available to qualified specialists.

Vantablack is not illegal in and of itself; rather, its use is limited. An unauthorized or inappropriate application might result in problems such as inadequate ventilation, violating safety regulations.

Yes, less expensive coatings exist that imitate the light-absorbing qualities of Vantablack. These choices strike a balance between performance and cost.

Yes, using Vantablack paint demands skill and accuracy. It entails correct surface preparation, base coatings, and the use of specialized procedures, which sometimes need expert help.

The time it takes to apply a Vantablack paint job depends on various aspects, including the size of the surface, the complexity of the application, the specialists’ competence, and the exact application method employed. In general, applying Vantablack paint is a delicate operation that requires accuracy and attention.


Vantablack paint stands out among the tapestry of modern marvels as a beacon of mystery and invention. Its extraordinary capacity to absorb nearly all visible light has pushed the limits of technology, art, and science. While the price may be a concern, it is crucial to recognize the exceptional value it provides to people seeking its transforming potential.

Vantablack is more than just a color; it represents human ingenuity and the desire to push the boundaries of reality. It’s more than simply a chemical; it’s a doorway to unanticipated possibilities. The cost of a Vantablack paint job is more than just money—it’s a decision to embrace the unusual and to entrance to the world of invention.