can you paint brass Hardware

Can You Paint Brass Hardware? What Kind of Paint Do You Use On Brass?

Do you have brass-made musical instruments at home but have lost their shine, and at this time, the best way you could think about is to paint over them to get rid of this dull look but wondering, Can You Paint Brass Hardware? and make it attractive without facing any problems.

Then yes, you can definitely paint on brass, but you need to use quality paint to get a fine result. And make sure you are cleaning, sanding, and priming the object before painting if necessary.

To get more details on “Can You Paint Brass Hardware?” and “How to Paint Over Brass Finish” You need to read the entire article carefully.

Can You Paint Brass Hardware?
can you paint brass hardware

Can You Paint Brass? The Process to Do Painting Over Brass

If you’ve got an old pair of brass-made musical instruments, candlesticks, or an ugly metal light fixture in your home, you may have considered giving these items a facelift with paint. While you can paint metal objects, smooth surfaces of many metals make metal painting projects a little more difficult.

Many paints will not adhere well to a shiny surface, so it’s important to purchase the appropriate primer to ensure that your painted brass or metal looks great even after you’re finished painting.

Is It Necessary to Clean the Brass Before Painting?

To paint the brass, it is necessary to clean the whole surface properly because the little particles of dirt or of anything will cause many problems such as rough finishing and cracking. If the particles strongly stick on the surface, then you can use the dishwasher or alcohol to remove them.

Clean the Brass Before Painting
Clean the Brass Before Painting

Before painting brass, i must use a tarnish remover in case the brass color fades down or get some blackish stains on it. In case the brass fades or gets black stains, otherwise painting over brass will not be possible.

Do you need to Sand the Brass before Painting?

If you have cleaned the surface with corrosion remover, then there is no need to sand it because the brass is prepared for the next step. But if you didn’t use any kind of remover, then sanding the brass is crucial before painting.

After sanding the brass, you will get flat, scratch less, and even surface, and now you can prime it.

Do you need to prime the brass before painting?

You can directly prime the brass after sanding, but you will not get a fine and even result. That’s why priming is the best option to prep the surface to get a smooth and flat surface.

Normally Light coating of primer will block all the pours of brass, and it will also allow the paint to stay longer on the surface. So, you will get the smooth and neat finishing of paint on brass. And if you don’t prime the surface before painting, you will get rough coverage.

Is it essential to seal the brass paint?

No, it isn’t mandatory to use the sealant on the brass to seal the paint, but if you want to use it, then there is no problem. The coating of sealant makes the paint more durable, so it’s totally your choice to use the sealer or not.

What Kind of Paint Do You Use On Brass?

The difficulty with painting on any metal is that regular paint doesn’t always adhere to it. Changing brass color is difficult, especially if it is highly polished.

The fine result of the paint totally depends on the prep of the surface. If you have sand, clean, and prime the brass appropriately, then you can use any kind of brass spray paint for metal. You can also use acrylic paint on brass because acrylic is durable.

And if you want to get a professional look, then it is suggested to use oil-based paint because these paints give solid finishing. Plus, these paints stay last for longer on the surface.

Water-based paints also provide a great finish, and the most interesting thing is that these paints take a little time to get dry. Most of these paints are non-toxic, so they will not harm your skin and eyes.

One more important thing is if you are painting the brass which you want to place in near heat items, then you need to buy the right paint which can resist heat. To choose the best brass metal paint, you need to understand which paint will go best for your selected surface.

If you want to paint the metal without priming, then you can use the best brass spray paint to make your paint stick to the surface.

How to Paint Over Brass Finish?

As it is clear now that you can do painting over brass, and if you are still confused and thinking, “How to Paint on Brass?” then you don’t need to get worried because here is a complete process discussed below:

Take precaution:

First of all, you need to protect your hands and eyes from the toxic chemicals which are used in paints. Because these toxic chemicals can harm your skin, eyes, and lungs so, use eye protection glasses and a mask when you start the process.

Use Brass or Brass Plated Material:

You should also know that the selected object is actually brass or you are going to refinish brass-plated hardware because some brass-plated metals look exactly the same as brass. You can easily check it by using a magnet. If the magnet sticks to an object, then it is metal, and if it doesn’t, then it is brass.

Corrosion Remover:

Now check that the surface is affected by corrosion. If yes, then you should remove it first by using the corrosion remover because the affected area will not allow the paint to stick to the surface.

If you don’t need to use steel wool to remove tarnish or corrosion, you may want to lightly sand the piece using fine-grit sandpaper.

Corrosion Remover
Corrosion Remover

If the object you are treating is brass-plated, then you need to remove the corrosion gently because steel and zinc-type objects lose their brass plate when you use the remover harshly on them.

Sanding with Grit:

In my experience, In case there is no corrosion, then don’t use any kind of remover on the surface. And if you find the surface uneven and cracked, then you only need to sand the brass by using quality grit instead of remover.

You can also sand the brass-plated metals with grit, but to sand the surface, you need to be very gentle. If you treat the surface hard, the brass plate will affect you badly.

Clean the Brass:

If you have done the job of removing corrosion or sanding, then it’s time to clean the surface with detergent or alcohol because the dirt particles will disturb your paint. That’s why you need to clean the surface properly.

Clean the brass
Clean the brass

Primer Coat:

When you feel the surface is fully dry, then prime it with the quality primer which is formulated for metals. Try to apply a thin layer of primer and leave it for 24 hours to get dry.

When it gets dry, and you think one more coat is needed, then you can apply one more layer of the primer and again let the primer dry.

Time to Paint:

Now your surface is fully prepared to paint, so you should use the right choice of paint. Again, you need to put thin coats of paint on the surface and give proper time for each coat to get dry for a neat finish.

Paint the brass
Paint the brass

If you apply thick layers, then the paint looks messy after getting dry, so the thin layers are best for ideal finishing. Now wait for a few hours, then your brass is ready.

How to Paint Brass Fireplace Doors?

Painting the brass fireplace doors is very tricky, so first, you need to fully prepare with the essential tools such as plastic sheets, spray paints, blue painter’s tape, and a piece of plastic. Make sure the spray paint you are purchasing is heat-resistant.

If you have collected all the material, then it’s time to spray paint brass by following these steps:

Prep the Surroundings:

First, you need to cover the area around the fireplace with plastic sheets which you don’t want to paint, and cover the fireplace area and glass doors. The best option to stick the plastic sheet is blue painter’s tape.

So, if you don’t use the sheets and painter’s tape, then the area around the fireplace will get messy with drops of spray paint.

Use Brass Colored Spray Paint:

Grab the spray paint in your hand and the plastic piece in your other hand. Now open the cap to start the paint. Place the plastic piece on the back side and keep moving it on the back side area of the brass while spraying paint. By doing this, you will protect the bricks from getting dirty.

To get even and smooth coverage applies a thin coat and doesn’t recoat the brass until it gets dry properly. So, when you get the coverage that you want, then remove the plastic sheets and see how neatly you have done your job.

How to Paint Brass Candlesticks?

Painting on a candlestick isn’t rocket science, and you can easily paint it if you follow the right method. The first step is to clean the candlestick with the help of a scrubbing pad.

Now remove the tape, apply a light coat, and leave it for an hour, then again apply another coat. When you get the exact color that you want, leave the brass candlestick for 7 to 8 hours. After that, you can use it.

How to Paint Brass with Acrylic?

To paint the brass with acrylic then, it is crucial to use primer on the surface. Put the primer coat on the brass and recoat the primer when the first coat gets dry.

Now apply acrylic paint on the brass, then leave it to get dry. After that, you can also use the sealant to seal the paint if required.

Can You Spray Paint Brass?

The answer is ‘Yes’. It is possible, but you have to know how to spray paint brass. Before using spray paint on brass, ensure you are using the spray, which is specifically manufactured for metals.

If you are using the sprays which are recommended for metals, then you do not need to prime or sand the spray. The only thing you have to do is apply a light layer of spray paint and then wait for it to get dry.

When it gets dry, and you still find uneven coverage, then recoat the surface again. You can repeat this method repeatedly until you get the required coverage but make sure you are giving proper time to each coat to get dry.

Household Items That Can Be Brass Painted:

Can You Paint Brass Door Knobs?

Of course, you can paint the brass door knobs, and you can use all the colors on the handles. But you have to use quality paints for better results. If you use the local paints, then you will not get the required color, and it might be possible the paint will get fade or crack.

Can You Paint a Brass Bed?

Do you have a brass bed in your room? And do you want to paint it according to your room? Then do it because it is possible to paint the brass paint bed. Before starting, choose a room that is ventilated and then covers the other area of the room with plastic sheets or with newspaper.

Separate all the parts of the bed, such as the bed head, bed frame, and bed food, by removing all the screws using a screwdriver. And then wipe out all the build-up dirt particles with the use of detergent and water.

When you get fully satisfied, then give it time to get dry. After that, use sandpaper to get the plane and uneven surface. Use the best primer, which is designed for the brass bed, and leave it to dry naturally. 

Now paint the brass bed with light layers of spray paint and repeat it 4 to 5 times to ensure that you are giving the proper time to each coat to get dry. So, it’s time to fix all the parts of the frame and place the bed in its right place.

Can You Refinish the Brass Lamp?

Definitely, you can refinish the brass lamps, but you need to use quality spray paint to paint on the brass lamp. In the beginning, you need to remove all the stubborn tiny particles from the lamp with the help of vinegar. Now it’s time to use spray paint, and then you can place it on the side table of your bed.

Spray paint used lamps

Can You Paint Over Brass Fixtures?

You can easily paint over brass fixtures without facing any problems, and the very first thing you need to do is turn off the bulb button from the socket to avoid the electric shock.

Now use the ladder to take off the bulb, then cover the little area of the table with newspaper and place the bulb on it. To paint the bulb it is needed to sand it first to get the plane surface.

When sanding is done, gently clean it with a damp cloth and then paint the bulb with your selected paint color. Once you feel the bulb is ready to touch, then place it back.

Can You Paint Over Lacquered Brass?

If you have brass and want to paint the piece, first, you will need to remove the lacquer. Otherwise, the paint will not stick with the brass properly. Fortunately, there are many ways to remove lacquer from brass, and the easiest way is the baking soda method.

Take some water. Add a few tablespoons of baking soda to it. Boil that water and place a small piece of brass having lacquer in that water. After 15 minutes, take a brass piece and clean it with a cloth just to peel off the lacquer. Repeat this process as many times as required.

Final Verdicts:

Hopefully, you got the answer to your query: Can you paint brass? So if you are properly cleaning, sanding, or priming the surface, you will get the ideal coverage of any paint you want to use, such as acrylic, enamel, or chalk paint. In case the object is brass plated, then follow the same rule but make sure to treat it gently.

Can You Paint Brass Hardware?

Can You Paint Brass Hardware? – FAQs

Clean the brass or metal with a rag and soapy water to remove any dirt. If the soapy water isn’t strong enough to clean the metal, use a glass cleaner that contains ammonia to clean it.

You can’t use just any kind of paint on the fireplace door because there are specific heat-resistant spray paints available on the market. These spray paints will not get faded and peel off due to heat, so make the right decision.

If you have sensitive skin, then you need to choose water-based paints because they are less toxic and they will not harm your skin. These paints are compatible to give fine coverage, but water-based paints are non-durable.

No doubt you can paint brass with chalk paint, and it gives all kinds of finishing to the surface as per your requirement, such as glossy, matte, darker, and lighter.

The dry timing of each coat depends on the paint you are using because some paints get dry faster, and some take time. So, if you want your paint to dry within minutes, then water-based is the best choice, and if you have much time, then oil-based paints should be your priority.

Spray paints designed for motels that explicitly state sanding or priming isn’t required. We can paint Brass pieces with spray paints but after making sure that the piece of brass is cleaned very much.

If you don’t need to use steel wool to remove tarnish or corrosion, you may want to lightly sand the piece using fine-grit sandpaper. Thus, the surface is not as smooth, which makes it easier for the paint to stick.