Can You Use Acrylic Paint On Metal

Can You Use Acrylic Paint On Metal? Amazing Facts

Acrylic paint is useful for different surfaces, including many things, like metal, wood, or any other thing that you have in your home or office and you want to paint. Acrylic paint can easily use for various purposes because it is made from high-quality pigment and binder that can be adjustable for different things.

 Many people are confused about Can you use acrylic paint on metal or not? The answer is yes, you can use acrylic paint on metals, but you don’t have to limit yourself to only the YES. It would help if you kept many things in mind, including preparing the Metal and the acrylic paint before painting. 

Even I are shifting to use the plastic products, as in a few years many products that I use in our home, office, or school are made from plastic, like chairs, tables. But still, the use of metals is not decreasing, and it rises daily; even now, I have many things made from metals.

Can You Use Acrylic Paint On Metal
Can You Use Acrylic Paint On Metal?

The metals lose their color after some time depending on the paint’s quality, and I need to repaint the metals to make them more attractive. It is not very simple a step as you think because if you are doing it wrong, the Metal will lose the paint again in a short time.

There is no doubt that acrylic paint can be used for metals, but you cannot use it directly on the metals because there are some steps you must follow. Acrylic paint is excellent for metals as it permanently effects metals and is unable to wash easily on most surfaces.

 The fascinating thing about acrylic paint is that it is water-based, permanent, and is a good material for metal coating. So you must choose the color wisely because once you paint on your products, you cannot easily change or remove the color. 

Can You Use Acrylic Paint On Metal?

The metals can be painted easily and look attractive after acrylic painting; their natural color is dark brown, which looks very weird. So if you are using metal products in your home, chairs, tables, and other things, then you should paint with high-quality paints, and acrylic paints are considered the best for metals.

Preparation of Acrylic Paint for Metals

As mentioned earlier, there is a complete preparation procedure that you have to follow to paint the metals; other, if you cannot get the results correctly and will ruin the paint and Metal as well.

I know that the metals have very complicated surfaces because rust is present on them when they are present freely for a long time. But you don’t need to worry; here is the complete step-by-step on how you can paint the metals.

Can You Use Acrylic Paint On Metal
Can You Use Acrylic Paint On Metal?

How to Paint on Metal with Acrylic? 5 Easy Steps

For painting on metals, you must follow the procedure defined by the professionals; otherwise, you cannot get satisfactory results. In this process, you also need some items, including primer, paint, gloves, and many other things; here is the complete list of these items and why they are used in painting metals.

1. Access the Necessary Things

Before starting any technical work, some tools are specific for the operation; same as in painting metals, there are some necessary things that you have to collect before starting the painting.

Drop Cloth

It is very important you should have, because you need to clean the area where you will perform work, like remove the dust, debris, and existing paint. The drop cloth will help you while you paint the metals because you have to cover the area where you work so the dust particles cannot disturb you and destroy the paint. You can also place the plastic cover on the areas where you are performing the painting project.


Cleaning the rags can help you in different ways; it can make the project surface smooth that you are going to perform. You can also use microfiber because it is considered the ideal material for removing dust and making the surface smooth.

Painters Tape

Many people aren’t familiar with this product; even the professionals don’t have any information about the painter’s tape. This rape can prevent the area you want to prevent for the paint, and maybe you want to make another color for that area. So you can use this tape if you want to make shades of different colors in your metal product.

Acrylic Paint On Metal

Gloves come as the priority when performing this type of activity in which you don’t want to make your hands dirty. The paint is not easy to remove, so you should wear gloves before preparing the metals for painting because it will protect you from paint particles, rust, dust, and debris.

Wire Brush

The wire brush has specific stiff wire bristles sturdy that can remove the existing paint and the permanent dust and rust that is available on the metals because when you place the metals in rain or air, it is affected by the rust, which is not easy to remove so that the wire brush can help you in this regard.


The sandpaper is specially used to remove the rust when applying acrylic paint on metal. You have to clean the metal before painting, and the sandpaper is excellent for removing the rust or other dust particles from the metals.


It is the necessary thing that you need; otherwise, you cannot perform the project; there are varieties of acrylic paints available in the market in different colors. Remember that before buying the acrylic paint; ask them for the product you will paint. For example, if you are buying the paint for lead metals, ask them to give the paint specifically for lead metals.


The primer helps you in many ways, like it covers the old rust and makes a protective layer on it so that your metals are not destroyed in the future. Another important reason for using the primer is that it binds the paint and metal.

How Long Can Primer Sit Before Painting
How Long Can Primer Sit Before Painting?

These are things you should have before painting on the metals.

2. Remove the Rust

After getting all the necessary equipment, the first step that you need to perform is to remove the rust and the old paint available on the Metal. You can use all the tools mentioned above to remove the rust particles on the Metal you are painting.

Make sure that there are no dust and the existing paint on the Metal because sometimes people do not remove the rust from the parts of metal where their hand cannot reach easily, like behind and the bottom of different heavy metal products.

3. Cleaning Metal before Painting

Once you have removed all the rust and existing paint from the metals, the next step you need to perform is clean the metal’s surface. You can use water, soap, rag, and cleaner.

The best thing to clean the metal surface is the rag and cleaner. You can buy these from any hardware store while buying the other necessary items for painting.

4. Prime Surface

As I discussed earlier is suitable for binding and cleaning the surface of metals, so you have to apply a layer of primer on the metal surface you are going to paint. Different types of primer qualities are available in the market that you can buy according to your budget and need.

5. Paint Metal

Once you used primer on the surface of a metal, please wait for the time until it is scorched, and now apply the acrylic paint that you have prepared. Many people apply only one layer of paint to metals. The professional recommends consistently applying two coats, and you must remember to apply the second coat when the first one is completely dried.

How to Seal Acrylic Paint on Metal?

It is a significant step you need to perform after painting the metals, and many people skip this step, but that depends on your interest. The benefits of sealing the paints are it makes the paint surface glossy and protect for a long time. The exterior acrylic paint has sealer material in the paint, so there is no need for sealing for that type of paint.

Can You Use Acrylic Paint On Metal
Can You Use Acrylic Paint On Metal?

You can buy the sealer from any hardware store; different types of sealers are available in various sizes, so you can select anyone by seeing your need.

How to Prepare the Metal for Acrylic Paint?

It is a straightforward process; you must follow all the above steps to prepare the metals for acrylic paint. After getting the necessary equipment, like a cleaner, rags, and sandpaper, you can easily prepare the metals for painting without help.

Acrylic Paint on Metal without Primer

The primer is considered a good element for painting the metals because it is available in the spray form that you can apply on the surface of the clean metal before applying the coat of acrylic paint.

The essential purpose of the primer is to clean the metal surface; after washing, there are still many small dust and rust particles on the surface, so the primer can help you thoroughly clean the metal, which binds the Metal and acrylic paint.

Can You Spray Paint Metal?

Now the world is becoming advanced, and the latest gadgets are introduced in the market for every field of life. If I discuss the painting industry, many new gadgets are used for painting.

In my experience, various methods were used for painting brushes and many other traditional methods, but now advanced machines are used for this purpose, and the rolls and spray system has taken over the place of brushes.

Can You Use Acrylic Paint On Metal
Can You Use Acrylic Paint On Metal?

Now you can also paint the metals through spray technology, in which you have to fill a box of mixed paint, and with the help of pressure applied to the surface. But all the methods have their benefits and disadvantages, depending on the project you are working on. Examine which method is suitable for painting according to your products.

Can I use Acrylic Paint on Metal?

Acrylic can be used for various purposes and many surfaces, including metallic and woody surfaces. So, yes you can use acrylic paint for various metal projects, like Jewelry, Wall Décor, and Scrap Metal Art.

You can also use it for some DIY projects made from metal. This paint efficiently works for their chairs, tables, shelves, and bed posts.

Can You Use Acrylic Paint On Metal
Can You Use Acrylic Paint On Metal?

Painting a metal involves various steps that vary according to the nature of metals; for outdoor painting, you can use spray paints in which you don’t need to make the paint sealed because they are already prepared paints.

For this, if you are painting on the old metals that are affected by rust, you have a spray a layer of primer that can cover the old rust and bind the color and rust-affected Metal.

What to Paint with Acrylics?

Many people think they need to do some extra work when using acrylic paints, but remember that there is no need to spray anything when using acrylic paints on metals.

Anyhow there are some specific things you have to use while painting the metals, like using a sealer before painting the Metal; the primer can also be used for this purpose because it makes the surface cleaner and binds the acrylic paint and Metal.

Will Acrylic Paint Stick To Metal?

I know that the paints are made from pigments, and the binder the pigment gives color to paint, and the bind sticks it with the surface on which you are going to paint.

Acrylic paint is high sticky because they are made from different ingredient, which binds the paint and surface. The metal surface needs to be very clean if you want to stick the acrylic paint with it; for this purpose, different types of things are used, like primer and cleaning the metals with water, soap, and rags.

If the metal surface is not cleaned, the paint may not stick properly, and the paint will start losing from the metal surface.

Type of Paint for Metal

There are different types of paints available on the markets that you can use for metals; all these paints have their specifications and features and are made for different types of metals.

If you want to buy the paints for outdoor products, then you need to buy the one that shows resistance to light, water, and air. Here are the three main types of paints available that can be used for metals

1. Oil Paints

These paints are considered well for outdoor products because there is no need to use a primer if you are using oil paints. But the only problem with oil paints is that they are expensive compared to water-based paint.

2. Acrylic paints

Acrylic water-based paints are ideal for indoor metal products, like chairs, tables, and other things made from metals that need to be repainted. They quickly dry in a short time, but you need to apply the seal and primer for using the acrylic paints.

3. Spray Paints

I can also say it is a modern form of paint because spray paints are best for beginners, but the problem with these paints is that they cannot last for a long time compared to other paints.

Best Metal Paint for Outdoors

The outdoor products always need the best paints because they face different kinds of weather, like the rainy season, direct sunlight, and wet air. So if you are using harmful quality paint for outdoor Metal, you will waste your money because the paint can be removed easily and quickly.

Oil paints are considered the best for outdoor metals because they are waterproof; you can also wash them with water without destroying the paint. But the oil paints are a little bit more expensive than regular paints.

Conclusion- Can You Use Acrylic Paint on Metal?

You can easily use paints on metals; even the metals look very bad if you use them without painting. Most people paint the metals before using them because they want to make their metals more attractive. Different types of paints are available that you can use according to the nature of metals there are different paints for outdoor and indoor metals.

But you have to prepare the metals before painting, like clean the metals, remove the existing paint and rust available on the metals, and apply sealer and primer to get more satisfactory results.