how to paint metal garage doors

How to Paint Metal Garage Doors- A Detailed Guide in 2024

Painting a metal garage door is not easy. It’s not about applying a paint layer directly but also about selecting the exact type of paint and primer. Moreover, getting an even metal surface once you apply the paint is critical until you are an expert.

Don’t worry; here is complete detail on how to paint metal garage doors smoothly without facing resistance. A step-by-step procedure can help you to own a shiny and professional finish at the end. Considering the paint and primer brand is essential as well. 

how to paint metal garage doors
how to paint metal garage doors

How to Paint Metal Garage Doors- Step-by-Step Procedure

Follow this procedure and make your metal garage door beautiful and durable. 

Step 1: Considering the Weather

Considering the weather before painting the metal garage door is very important. The weather should not be much hot or too cold.
It’s good if the weather is free of humid air or there is not much wind outside. It’s because the dust particles and chemicals available in the weather won’t let you paint the door smoothly, which is also a reason to make the paint appear badly on the door surface.

considering the weather
considering the weather

Note: 50 to 80 degrees of temperature is good when you want to paint a metal garage door. 

Step 2: Removing Old Paint from Metal Garage Door

Removing the old paint from the metal garage is essential when you want the highest results to make your door shiny. You can use sandpaper to remove old paint; if old paint particles are left behind, I recommend using a chemical stripper. A chemical stripper easily removes all the waste particles from the door besides removing the old paint.

removing the old paint
Removing the old paint

A chemical stripper has some essential ingredients, including dichloromethane, which quickly helps break down the chemical bonds between the paint particles. In this way, it removes the paint particles efficiently.

Step 3: Preparing Garage Door for Painting

Preparing the surface is essential once you finish the old paint removal process. Once you have cleaned the old doors, carefully see if any paint or rust is left behind.

If there is rust, remove it as well with sandpaper. Still, if there are some rust particles on the door, you need to remove that specific part of the door or the entire metal door.

Also, cover those parts you don’t want to paint or where you want to apply specific color paint. Specific clutches and strippers are available in the market for this purpose. Also, cover the other sides or surfaces near the metal door, which may be a wall or any other decoration piece. Specific masks cover those sides you don’t want to paint.

Step 4: Apply a Primer on Metal Door

Applying a primer to the metal door is the crucial next step. A primer helps to protect the door for many years without affecting the quality of the metal. Primer also makes the door ready for paint. This way, a metal door is more likely to shine by catching the paint’s layer.

Apply a primer on metal door
Apply a primer on metal door

Note: KILZ Adhesion is the best primer which you can use.

A primer is essential for the bonding between the paint and the door surface. It helps to fix the paint on the door evenly without causing any errors. Selecting the primer is more critical for garage metal doors.

Step 5: Apply Paint on Metal Garage Door

This is the final and most important step in painting metal garage doors. Start applying the paint with the help of a paintbrush or a paint roller. If you are using spray paint, then apply it with the help of a sprayer on the door.

Apply paint on metal garage door
Apply paint on the metal garage door

Apply the paint evenly on all parts of the door when you are painting the door for the first layer. Once the paint is thoroughly dried, you can apply a second layer of paint. The second layer of paint is unnecessary if your door is not too old.

Tips While Painting the Metal Garage Doors

I know it’s now easy for you to paint metal garage doors following the above steps. In my experience, Even if you are a beginner, you can efficiently perform this procedure. However, some essential tips are given below, which everyone should follow.

1) Don’t Apply Paint in Extreme Weather Conditions

Don’t try to paint the metal door when it’s raining outside or there is too much temperature. Always paint the garage door when the temperature is perfect, which does not affect the paint quality on metal doors, specifically. This is because metal surfaces are more sensitive than all other types of materials.
An outside metal door can easily catch rust and dust particles from the environment. The ideal temperature for painting the metal garage door is about 10 to 40 degrees.

2) Use A Roller

Apply the paint with the help of a paint roller or paint sprayer. A paintbrush is also useful; however, a painting roller is more effective for evenly painting results. Start applying the paint in vertical strokes. It helps to get your job done quickly and effortlessly.

3) Primer and Paint of the Same Brands

Try to use the primer and paint of the same brand. The same brand of primer and paint is easy to adjust on the door. Hence you don’t need to put extra effort into bonding, and getting even surfaces at the end is another advantage. Always select the paint color that perfectly matched your other home design.

If the door is already painted, then you should select the paint of the same color. In another case, you need to see which color suits you best according to your bricks, shutters, windows, and roof paint colors. When matched with the shutter colors, a garage door color gives a professional and beautiful look. The other advantage is that you don’t need to spend much time selecting the color.

Also watch this video for practical guide on how to paint metal garage doors!

how to paint metal garage doors

Best Paint for Garage Doors

Jenolite Garage Door Paint

Jenolite is one of the best exterior door paint which comes in various colors and textures. This paint is ready to use, and there is no need to stir or mix it with any other chemical. It is a type of sprayer paint, and hence it’s dead easy to apply on any surface, including aluminum, steel, iron, and other hard metals. Unlike other paints, this one can make hard metal surfaces without extra effort and energy. It is the best paint for steel doors specifically.

INSL-X SU031009A-01 Sure Step Acrylic Anti-Slip Coating Paint

The other best paint for metal garage doors is INSL-X SU031009A-01 Sure Step Acrylic Anti-Slip. It’s easy to apply and offers a shiny texture in the end. One gallon of this paint can cover an area of about 80 to 120 square feet.

This paint is specifically manufactured for the exterior metal surface, including your garage doors, shutters, windows, and other surfaces where there are more chances of catching the rust material.

Once you apply this paint, there is no risk of chemicals, harmful microorganisms, or rust attacks, even in extreme environmental conditions. Also, it dries up quickly, and this feature makes it easy to buy among multiple paint choices.

Rust-Oleum 206999 Marine Topside Paint

Rust-oleum is paint for the exterior metal door. It is an oil-based paint that works both as primer and paint. There is no need to apply a primer if you use this paint for your metal garage door. The paint can dry quickly in 1-2 hours. It’s considerable to use when you are in a hurry and want to get quick painting results on your exterior metal surface beside the garage doors.

The paint is highly resistant to UV rays and other chemicals coming from the outside environment. Additionally, this paint is environmentally friendly and does not cause pollution.

The texture and shiny surface that it offers retain for a long time. It not only makes your surfaces shiny but also makes them durable, specifically the metal garage doors. Due to its features, rust-oleum is one of the best aluminum garage door paint.

Material and Items You Need to Paint a Metal Garage Door

Here is the list and brief details of the necessary items to paint the metal garage doors.

1) Primer

It helps in sticking the paint on the metal door. A primer is applied once you clean and prepare the door for painting. An even surface should be applied to the door before a paint coat.

2) Paint

As mentioned above, the paint should be high-quality to avoid uneven surfaces. Always select the paint which is specifically made for the metal garage door. Don’t apply any other paint just because you want to get the specific coat. The door’s protection and durability are more important than its beauty.

3) Paintbrushes or Paint Rollers

A paintbrush helps to apply the color coat evenly only if you use it in the vertical direction. However, a paint roller helps complete the job quickly and efficiently.

4) Tape

A tape is necessary to use and cover the edges or areas you want to protect from the paint; it’s also helpful when applying different color paints. Cover the area with paint where you want to have different colors of paint.

5) Stirrer Sticks

Stirrer sticks must mix the paint before applying it to the metal door.

6) Clothes

A piece of old cloth is necessary to keep on the ground to keep the place safe from the paint drops. In this way, all the painting drops falling down from the door will fall on the cloth, so your floor remains safe.

7) Step Ladder

Using a step ladder is necessary if your height is not enough to reach the upper parts of the door.

Do I Need To Call A Professional To Paint The Metal Garage Door?

Calling a professional to paint the metal garage door is recommended if you don’t have enough time and the necessary items. And if you need to buy the materials and items, then it’s good to call a professional as they have all the required materials and products.

If your garage metal door is too old and has a terrible appearance, then calling a professional is a good choice instead of doing it at home by you. No matter if you need to pay an extra amount, don’t compromise on the quality over the money.

How to Paint Metal Garage Doors

No, don’t use the paint immediately on the layer of primer. Instead, wait 12 hours to allow the primer to dry thoroughly. Once the primer is dried completely, you can apply a paint layer.

There is no exact cost we can mention because it depends upon several factors. If you don’t have the required items and materials, the cost may be around $800 to $1200, and if you call a professional, the average cost is around $1000.

Yes, you can use a metal garage door on walls and windows. Specifically, if you use the same metal on walls or windows, then you have a chance to get efficient and matchless results. Color matching issues are prevalent now, and using the metal garage door on windows can beat this issue.

Sometimes the metal garage door color looks like wood. Even some people experience the same texture. It’s difficult to paint this type of door until you are experienced enough. If you want high-quality results, we recommend calling a professional instead of doing it yourself.

Wrapping Up- How to Paint Metal Garage Doors

A cracked and fading metal garage is nothing more than distracting your attention and negatively impacting viewers. To solve this issue, I provided complete details on how to paint metal garage doors. Now painting a metal garage door is dead easy and entertaining for everyone.

If you have questions about painting tips and tricks, keep reading our latest blogs. Paints Beast is always here to assist you in making your painting projects successful.