Cost to Paint a Car Hood

How Much Does It Cost to Paint a Car Hood? 2024 Estimation

The most important part of your car is its hood which is known as the real beauty of your vehicle. To maintain the car’s appearance, I need to look after it gradually. Otherwise, your vehicle will turn into rot.

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If your car gets damaged or color faded, then the most prominent area will be its hood, and it will be the one responsible for spoiling the overall look. And then obviously, you don’t want to drive the beaten-up vehicle.

How much does it cost to paint a car hood
How much does it cost to paint a car hood?

Now you must be wondering about the solution. Then don’t worry. You don’t need to overthink because you can repair or repaint your car instead of purchasing a new one.

Here few questions arise, such as What about the Cost of Painting a Car Hood?” and “How to Paint a Car Hood?” to know their exact answers you have to read the below article thoroughly until the very end.

Cost of Painting a Car Hood? Methods to Know About Exact Cost to Paint a Car Hood?

The car hood painting directly depends on the method you choose, whether you are painting by yourself or hiring a professional.

To understand which method will go with your budget, go through the entire article carefully:

1) How to Paint a Car Hood by yourself?

If your car hood is damaged and your budget is low, then the best option is to paint it by yourself. Before starting, you need to know how much to paint the hood of a car and which material is needed. Then, you can set your budget accordingly.

In my experience, The car Hood Painting process is very similar to the car painting process. The only thing different in the whole process is the exact quantity you would need to paint the car hood along with the damage repair cost.

To know the quantity of the material required and calculate the hood damage repair cost that will occur on your car paint job, read the below-mentioned details:

1) Masking Tape

First, you need to tape off the area with masking tape that you don’t want to paint to avoid unwanted stains of paint. Approximately you will spend the amount of 30$ to 35$.

2) Groundsheet

The groundsheet is mostly available in your paint toolbox, so grab it and spread it on the area to protect the floor from getting dirty.

3) Sanders

Clean the surface properly to remove all the stubborn particles of dirt, then use an ideal size of sandpaper to get an uneven and smooth surface. Wipe out the car hood again with the damp surface to get rid of sanding wastage, and the expense will be around 16$.

4) Priming

Pick up the primer and apply the thin layers on the car hood to make your paint durable and long-lasting. Now leave it to get dry.

5) Paint Sprayer

If you want to complete the paint job in a short time and want to get a smooth finish, then it is recommended to order or purchase the paint sprayer and required nozzles for almost 45$.

6) Precautions

It is essential to wear a mask, gloves, and eye-protective glasses to protect yourself from getting harmed.

7) Paint

The best paint which is designed for the car is urethane and if you are only painting on the hood of the car, then spend 25$ on the purchase of 1-quart paint, which is sufficient to get even coverage.

Select color of car paint
Select color of car paint

Put on the thin layers 3 to 4 times on the primed area, and make sure you are giving proper time to each coat to get dry. If you apply the thick layers, then it will take a lot of time to get dry, and the paint will look messy.

8) Top Coat

You need to apply 3 to 4 layers of top coat to lock the paint and for required finishing such as shiny, matte, or semi-glossy. Don’t buy an excess quantity of clear coat because 1 quart is enough for the car hood, and its cost will be around 25$.

9) Over All Cost

After summing up the amount of each material, I get to know that the cost that will occur by following the DIY method will be around 130$ to 145$.

Wrapping of a Car Hood

Once you are done with the paint of your car hood and you want to change the look, then it is the best choice for you to choose an animated, colorful, or designed vinyl wrap.

How Much Does It Cost to Wrap a Car Hood?

You can wrap the hood by yourself at a lower price, and if you are high on a budget, then you can hire a professional. Below discussed details below will help you to calculate the cost of both methods:

Wrap the car hood
Wrapping of a car hood

DIY Method to Wrap the Car Hood

First of all, you need to gather all the essential materials such as a wiper, sheetrock, knife, and heat torch. After that, decide that you want to give your car a shiny, matte, printed, or animated look then you can set your budget accordingly. The cost of wrapping the car hood by yourself will be about 65$ to 100$, which is affordable.

What Is the DIY Cost of Square Feet Car Hood Painting?

If you are a creative person and you want to paint your car hood by yourself, then you need to know the exact measurement, which is about 30 sq. Ft. By following the DIY method, the car hood paint job cost will be 124$ to 150$ which is budget-friendly.

How to Remove the Rust from The Car Hood?

If the car hood is badly affected due to rust, then rub the Brillo pad or the brush hard on the surface to get a rust-free area. Now you can follow the above-discussed procedure of cleaning, sanding, priming, and painting.

2) How to Paint a Car Hood by hiring a professional?

If your expensive car hood gets damaged and you don’t want to paint it by yourself, then you should get the service from your car dealership or a professional workshop. One thing you need to understand is that the bent car hood repair cost will be double compared to the paint job.

When Is It Necessary to Get the Paint Job from a Professional Technician?

There will be a lot of reasons for you to get the service from the professional showrooms, so if you want to know the reasons, then scroll down and read them in detail:

1) Shortage of Time

Nowadays, everyone is busy in their routines and has no time to paint their car hood by themselves then. They can hire a professional to get the paint job.

2) Lack of Experience

If you don’t have the experience to paint the car hood and also don’t know the procedure, then it is recommended to get the service from the automotive paint repairer.

3) Expensive Car

To maintain your expensive car, look, you need to hire a high-class mechanic instead of doing it by yourself.

4) Insured Vehicle

It is best to get the paint or repair service of your damaged car hood from your car dealership or professional technician when you have the insurance of your car. The insurance company bears all the expenses that will occur in the repairing of car damage.

Finishing work on car hood
Finishing work on car hood

Budget Range TO PAINT THE HOOD OF A CAR BY A Professional Paint Job?

One more thing, there are also three different ranges of professional paint jobs according to your budget. To choose the suitable one for you, have a look at these ranges:

1) Low Range Paint Service

Are you wondering how much to paint a car hood professionally at a low price? Then stop worrying because if you are not high on budget and want to get a professional paint service, then you can go to Maaco.

They will use low-quality material on your car, which will look good but will not stay long on the surface. Maaco’s cost to paint the hood will be almost 205$ to 415$.

They will follow only 2 to 3 basic prep rules in this range, and also, the paint color will not be the same as you wanted.

2) Mid-Range Paint Service

If your car hood is dented or affected by rust, then you can go to the mid-range professional repairer who can cure the damages properly. After that, they use quality primer, paint, and top coat on the surface.

The best part is that the technician provides the exact color which you demand from them. The overall repaint hood of a car costs in the mid-range range of around 350$ to 600$.

3) High Range Paint Service

To give your car a classic or brand-new look, you need to get the service of repainting the car hood from a high-end showroom. They use the expensive material in prep, and they also remove previous paint from the car hood with quality remover.

When they are done with preparation, the technician applies the 23 to 24 thin layers of urethane paint, which is durable and long-lasting. If you want to customize the paint, then they will also do their best to provide the required result.

In the final step, they put on 7 to 9 layers of top coat to protect the base layer and also for shiny or matte finishing. For a custom paint job, you will spend about 20000$ to 25000$, or for the same color, the cost to paint a car hood will start from 850$ and go higher to 8500$.

What Is the Professional Square Feet Car Hood Paint Job Cost?

As far as I know, most car hood size is about 30 sq. ft ft, which is standard. If you are low on a budget and want to get a paint job from an automotive workshop, then your expense will be between 240$ to 300$ sq. Ft.

In case you have no fear of expense, then you should get a high-quality paint job. The average price to paint a car will be almost 3000$ sq. Ft, and it can go higher.

Professional Method to Wrap the Car Hood

If you want to get the professional wrap job on your vehicle hood, then you have to pay around 260$ to 610$, except for the labor fee.

They flat the surface first in prep, then apply the vinyl on the car hood neatly to provide you with the required look. In case your car is damaged, and the paint is cracked or peeled off, then you will be charged more.

Fixing of a Car Hood: Until now, I have discussed all that will be the cost of painting a car hood. But what If that car’s Hood is broken or damaged badly or has dents on it? What will be the cost then? In these cases, the thing that you need to do is to learn how to fix these issues.

How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Car Hood?

In case your car hood is broken or bent badly because of any severe accident, and there is no chance of repair or repaint left, then you should replace it. So, the hood replacement cost will be approx. 75$ to 550$.

What Will Be the Cost to Fix Dent in Car Hood?

To cover the deep dents or scratches, you can use the body filler on the affected area to get a flat surface before sanding. But if you do not fix the dents, they will be visible and will ruin the look of the car.

So, if you are dealing with small dents, then the car hood dent repair cost will be around 65$ to 130$, or if your car hood has deep dents or scratches, then the dented hood repair cost will be 110$ to 550$.

Replacing a Car Hood: Now, what if there is no way to repaint your car hood? Then you have to order a new car hood for yourself, and then what will be its shipping cost?

What Will the Shipping of a Car Hood Cost?

The car hood can be shipped easily, and you will be charged by a courier service to deliver your parcel safely. Read the below-mentioned details to know how to ship it efficiently and a fewer delivery charges:

To get an estimate of your shipping charges, the very first thing you have to do is to check the weight of the parcel, which will be mentioned on the attached slip. As I know, the shipping fee per pound is 2$, and if your parcel is 45 pounds, then the delivery cost will be 45*2$=90$.

If you are sending your car hood by road, then the cost to paint the hood of a car will be 40$ to 60$, and if you are choosing the option to deliver your package by air, then you will pay more.

Frequently Asked Questions: Cost to Paint a Car Hood

If you are painting only the car hood, then it will take 3 to 4 days, and in case your vehicle has deep dents and scratches, then it will take more days to get the repair.

As we know, BMW is an expensive car, and obviously, its repair or repaint charges will be more than other cars. It is best to get the paint job from a high-end showroom for your BMW, and the cost to paint a car hood will be about 750$ to 1150$.

If your bumper’s paint gets faded or requires repair, then you should get the service from a professional showroom. They properly clean, sand, and prime the surface. After that, they apply thin coats of paint to the bumper. In the last step, they give 3 to 4 layers of clear coat, and the average cost that will occur on the whole process will be around 550$.

Yes, it is possible if your car hood is in good condition or has an even surface. But it will be best if you sand it before painting to get a smooth, flat, and neat finish.

Yes, it is crucial to prime the surface before painting to make your paint durable and long-lasting. Make sure you are using a quality primer that is designed for the car.

It is best to leave your car for 22 to 24 hours to get dry properly. After that, you can drive it freely.

If you are painting your car by yourself, then it is recommended to follow the safety measures to protect yourself. Don’t paint your car in a suffocated area because it can cause breathing problems, so choose a ventilated place for the paint job.

If you want to get a neat and clean finish of paint as professional, then it is suggested to choose the air compressor paint sprayer. By using this sprayer, you don’t need to refill it again and again because it can hold a large amount of paint.

Yes, why not? This protective suit will be very helpful to wear while painting because it will cover your body from head to toe. So, it will not only protect you from harmful chemicals even also keep your dress and hair clean.

Black cars are more attractive than others because of their grace, so if you also want to paint your car hood black by a professional, then you should keep in mind that the cost will be between 1050$ and 4550$.

Final Verdicts:

Hopefully, you got to know the answers to “How Much to Paint the Hood of a Car?” and “How Much to Get Hood Painted?” So, if you want to do the paint job at a lower price, then you should go with the DIY method.

In this method, you need to follow all the rules of prep, such as cleaning, rust removal, sanding, and priming, to get even coverage. In case you want to get a professional paint job, then the Cost of Painting a Car Hood will be higher, and you will get the classy or required result.