Is Chalk Paint Waterproof

Is Chalk Paint Waterproof? Detailed Guide 2024

Over the last several years, the popularity of various forms of chalk paint has steadily increased with each passing month as more and more people discover how flexible chalk paint can be. That is why the question “is chalkboard paint waterproof?” is incredibly asked.

Chalk paint is resistant to water. A lacquer is required as a chalk paint sealer if the area is exposed to moisture. It is not impermeable and cannot be used in areas prone to water often. Also, you cannot use it as waterproof porch paint.

Chalk Paint Explained

Chalk paint is not the same as the paint used on chalkboards or the Chalk used by children to write on sidewalks and roads.

On the other hand, chalk paint is a water-based paint created by Annie Sloan Outdoor Products, a British artist. The Chalk relates to the paint’s matte finish rather than the material used to make it. There are also instructions for producing Chalk paint online.

Ground limestone is commonly used to make the Chalk that children use to sketch with. Other companies have created their lines since Sloan introduced her branded paint.

Does Water Damage Chalk Paint?

Chalkboard paint is water-resistant but not waterproof. A water-resistant item can only endure a particular amount of water. Hence, you can not use chalk paint on surfaces that are regularly exposed to water. On the other hand, a waterproof object cannot be easily destroyed by water.

The main point here is not whether the chalkboard is waterproof, but whether or not it can tolerate water. In my experience, A waterproof thing cannot be easily corrupted by water. It would be best if you had a lacquer sealer to protect the area from moisture damage. You cannot paint it on areas that are regularly exposed to water. So, chalkboard paint without a sealer cannot serve as waterproof paint for outdoor wood furniture.

  • When painting with Chalk, surfaces or items placed inside and get the odd water spit could be left unsealed or coated with wax.
  • Depending on the object and where it will be used, outside surfaces exposed to water may need to be coated with lacquer or a sealer.
  • Anything that will be submerged in water should be sealed with shellac, varnish, or lacquer.
Is Chalk Paint Waterproof

Why Chalk Paint is Used?

It is used to add texture or thinned out for a more excellent finish. You can simply put a distressed effect on an item to give it an antique feel.

You are not, however, restricted to furnishings. Some of the other applications are patio furniture, flooring, and even entire houses. Chalk paint is extensively used because of its following benefits:

  • It does not involve priming or sanding before application
  • Drips less due to its thick uniformity
  • Is simple to wash brushes and instruments with water and soap
  • Does not involve furniture to be removed before painting
  • Can be painted on anywhere including materials made up of metal, concrete, wood, and brick

The original chalk paint is pricey, now costing roughly $40 per gallon. “Chalked paint” or “several firms” have made chalky paint. For example, Behr’s paint is labeled “Chalk Decorative Paint,” but Magnolia Home refers to it as “chalk type paint.” These paints are similar to the Sloan brand, despite they cost very less comparatively.

Is Chalk Paint Waterproof?

Is Chalk Paint Suitable For Outdoor Furniture?

You’re lucky if you want to refurbish outdoor furniture without removing the original paint. Chalk paint dries quickly. You may use Chalk paint on outdoor furniture without the danger of fading. Whether you use varnish or sealer to preserve the surface relies on its alignment. People wonder, “how to seal chalk paint for outdoor use?”. Below are some tips for the process.

A Lacquer Seal Is Not Required Outdoors

Not only will sealing Chalk Paint with Wax or Lacquer safeguard your finish, but it will also help the shade last more. Considering how you’ll safeguard your Chalk Paintwork once you’ve completed painting anything with it is critical. Although light, particularly UV rays, can cause damage to paint, water causes significantly more.

You can preserve your Chalk Paint finish in a variety of ways. How can people expect Chalk Paint to keep up without a lacquer on their porches, houses, or even a vault? Annie Sloan outdoor products are sealed with lacquer.

Shouldn’t it be settled if the creator of chalk paint states that a sealer isn’t required for outdoor furniture? Even though the seat will not be submerged in water, water may remain on it for a lengthy period. Lacquer isn’t necessary if you’re painting anything upright or standing because the water will flow off.

You can watch simple tutorials to get an idea that how easy it is to apply the lacquer on a tiny outdoor seat. Part of it varies from person to person according to their choice. That can be a matte finish or a bright shine. Part of it will vary depending on the object’s location if it is to be placed indoors or outdoors.

I will look into each possibility and tell when I would recommend using it in this comprehensive guide to sealing Chalk Paint. The paint may be applied “indoors or out, on any surface,” according to the Annie Sloan website, so if you wonder “how to seal chalk paint on metals?”. The painting process is the same as any other surface.

Anything horizontal, however, should be lacquered to prevent water from pooling. It implies that you may use your product without fear of leaving scratches or removing the paint when cleaning it.

Is Sealing Chalk Paint Necessary?

If you wonder, “do I have to seal chalk paint?” Sealer or wax isn’t required for every job. Obviously, every principle has loopholes.. You can omit the wax if your paintwork is not subjected to everyday wear and tear. You may have just painted house walls and wish to keep the chalky, matte look. Perhaps you’ve colored a photo frame or a decorative item for your house.

You don’t need to use wax after painting if it’s something that won’t be touched too often. Remember that natural distressing will show up any minor stains or fingerprints on your painting. It’s possible that cleaning the item will remove the paint. But it is better to seal outdoor chalk paint.

Watch this complete video to know how to seal chalk paint!

Why Is The Wax Used With Chalk Paint?

This energetic pair enhances each other’s best qualities. Chalk Paint’s color will be enhanced and given a lovely, matt finish by a coat of clear wax. Fingerprints and stains won’t happen. Additionally, it is water-resistant, allowing any smudges to be removed with a damp cloth.

Although Chalk Paint Wax seems dry to the touch fast, the longer you wait before applying it, the harder it will be if you want a more shining finish.

Depending on the conditions, curing might take anything from 5 days to many months. Once fully set, your waxed covering should endure for a long time and resist normal wear and tear. Simply re-wax and let to cure if any wax sections start to fade over the period (or after a comprehensive cleaning!).

is chalkboard paint waterproof

Is Polishing A Chalk Paint Necessary?

There are times when Chalk Paint Wax will not suffice. Maybe you’re going to paint some outdoor furniture. In a high-traffic location, you could choose to paint your flooring or anything else. I recommend applying a Chalk Paint Lacquer to preserve your painted finish if it is handled and cleaned regularly, such as on a kitchen cupboard or a dining table.

Chalk Paint Lacquer is a polymeric lacquer created particularly to be used with Chalk Paint. Is Chalk paint durable? Yes, it is pretty durable and does not get pale over time. It also contains built-in UV protection, so your paint color will appear brand new even when exposed to the elements. Matt Lacquer is a good choice if you enjoy the matte effect of Chalk Paint.

It will deepen the paint color somewhat, similar to Chalk Paint Wax, but it would enhance the protection. Choose Gloss Lacquer for a more durable finish. It has a subtle sheen without being too glossy, making it ideal for areas where gloss paint would typically be used, such as kitchen cupboards.

Frequently Asked Questions- Is Chalk Paint Waterproof

Yes, chalk paint is easy to seal with wax or lacquer to maintain the finish and extend its life. You may use your object without leaving markings or removing the paint when it has to be cleaned by utilizing it.

Yes, it’s recommended to use finish over the chalk paint. Putting a clear coat over unsealed chalk paint gives it a more lasting, waterproof surface without the time, work, or added cost of waxing.

If chalk paint gets wet, it will be wiped away from the surface. Similarly, if you don’t let your Chalk Paint or Varnish dry completely before exposing it to moisture, it will be wiped away and compromised. Outside, it would help if you were not using chalk paint wax.

Final Verdict- Is Chalk Paint Waterproof

 Chalkboard paint is practical and water-resistant, but cannot be referred as waterproof. It indicates it can withstand water, but only to a certain amount. 

From the above information, it’s clear that chalk paint is not waterproof. So it’s best not to expose it to water since it might damage the texture and pull it away from the wall. A sealer or a finish is the best idea to make your chalk-painted surface durable.