How Much Does It Cost to Paint Rims

How Much Does It Cost to Paint Rims – Latest Guide 2024

In this modern era, almost everyone has a vehicle, and they drive them daily. Also, everyone wants their car to always look beautiful and shiny, but it is only possible when you maintain it.

In your busy routine, if you ignore the maintenance of your vehicle, soon it will look like an ugly or old vehicle, and the performance of your vehicle will also be affected. Therefore, to keep using it for a long time, you need to take good care of your vehicle’s maintenance now and then.

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No Doubt, the beauty of a vehicle is not complete without shiny and graceful rims. The main part of your vehicle’s bottom beauty is the rim, and its appearance grabs your attention at first sight. So, if it is cracked, tarnished, or faded color will disappoint you, and you will not like to drive in a vehicle that is in bad shape.

If you want to keep your rim as new, then the easiest way is to paint it gradually. Now you are thinking How Much Does It Cost to Paint Rims?” and ”Can you paint car rims?” So, stop thinking too much because it’s not that expensive procedure, and you can paint your rim within your budget.

How Much Does It Cost to Paint Rims?
How Much Does It Cost to Paint Rims?

To know ”how to paint rims?” and ”How to do car wheel painting?” go deeper into the below article:

How Much Does It Cost to Paint the Rim? Average Cost to Paint 4 Rims

There are a lot of choices of paint available in the market, and some paints are specifically designed for the rims. So, if you want to paint the rims and to set your budget accordingly, then first you need to know how to paint car rims with spray paint or how much cost will occur in the whole process. Then follow the article carefully.

How to Paint the Rims Black? DIY Method:

If you want smoother finishing, then buy a spray liner, undercoat, primer, and plastic dip. Although it may cost you some money, it will save your time. So, if the prep of the vehicle is necessary, then you need to do it. Otherwise, you will not get an even surface. To get more details, have a look at these steps:

Gather the Tools:

When you start painting car rims by yourself then you need to buy all these essential things such as black spray for rims or paint cans, a spanner, groundsheet, wire wool, primer, sanders, precautionary things such as eye protection glasses and mask, grease remover, water, and masking tape.

Separate the Rim from The Tire:

To paint the rim, it is best to separate it from the tire because it will be very convenient for you to paint each and every corner of the rim, and if you are not separating the rims then it will be a little difficult and time-consuming.

Separate the Rim from The Tire
Separate the Rim from The Tire

Grease Remover and Water:

It is very important to clean the rims or the surface you are going to paint because the dust and the other particles will spoil your hard work, and you will not be satisfied with your rim paint job.

So first apply the grease remover with a brush and rub it gently, then wash the surface. Make sure your surface is cleaned properly.

Use Sandpaper for Sanding the Rims:

To get a smooth finishing, you need to sand the rims by using a suitable size of grit sandpaper which is 300 or 500. When you realize the tarnish from the rims is removed, and the surface is flat, then again wipe out the dirt particles with the help of steel wool.

Sanding the rims
Sanding the rims

Masking Tape:

So, if you are not separating the rims from the tire and painting on rims directly, then tape the tires with painter’s tape to protect them from the stains of paint.

Masking Tape
Masking Tape

Prime the Rims:

If you want your paint to stay on the rim for a longer period, then you need to prime them first before painting. Primer will also give you an even and flat surface which allows the paint to stick to the rims. So, Give the first coat of primer to the rim and wait for the next coat until it gets dry properly.

Time to Paint:

Now it’s time to paint the rims. Pick up the spray paint and start painting the rims. Apply a thin layer, then leave it to get dry, and repeat this procedure 3 to 4 times to get even coverage.

Time to paint
Time to paint

Final Coat:

If you want the paint on the rims will resist all weather and to give them a glossy or matte finish, you need to apply the top coat on the painted rims 2 to 3 times and give a proper period to each coat to get dry.

Fix the Wheel:

When you have finished your painting on the tire, then fix it back to its car.

Cost occurs on DIY paint for rims:

In my experience, If you follow the DIY method to repaint rims, then it will cost around 40$ to 90$, or if you are painting on something else, then the cost will occur according to your product brand and the quantity of paint, primer, and the other things you will use on your vehicle. And the interesting part is that your rim will be ready within 4 to 5 hours.

Cost On Paint Rims Black:

If you are wondering about the cost of painting rims professionally, then it will go a little higher, and approximately the cost of rim painting will be 150$ to 200$. And if the professional wheel painting company is painting your job, then the average cost will be 150$ for each tire.

The auto dealerships of your car will also provide you with the service of painting and repairing, and they will do their job properly. So, it depends on your budget from where you want to get the rim painting service.

Per Square Foot Wheel Painting Cost and Average Cost:

If you are low on budget and want to paint your car rims in your pocket range, then the per-square-foot painting on car rims is the best option for you. If you are doing your paint job by this method, then your paint will stay on the surface for a long time.

If i talk about the average cost to paint 4 rims that will occur by following the DIY method, and also you know how many supplies and spray cans you are going to use, then you can easily calculate how much the average cost by following this below-mentioned calculation method:

Each tire’s rim is 1.4 Sq. Feet.

  1. If you are painting on four tires, then multiply it by square feet, which will be 4 x 1.4 = 5.6
  2. The spray paint bottle or paint jar is 26$ so suppose you are using 6 spray paints, so the total expense of paint is 156$.
  3. Now divide 156$/5.6, which is equal to 27.86 per sq. Foot.

Comparatively, the DIY method is more affordable than getting the painting service from professional workshops.

Paint Rims Using Other Material:

So, if you are using other materials such as powder coat, plastic dip, spray paint which is formulated for rims, and truck bed liner, then you need to have an estimate in your mind of how much you will spend on it.

Plastic Dip:

First of all, you need to decide which brand or company’s plastic dip then you will get to know how much it costs to plastic dip rims.
Wheel dipping cost is around $ 24, so to paint on four rims, you need to buy 4 cans of it. That means the expense you are bearing on the plastic dip is 96$.

Wheel Powder Coating Cost:

If you are choosing the powder coat instead of the spray paint can, then it is also the best option. Powder coating is a hard and time taking procedure, but it is acceptable when i talk about its results.

The rims will not be peeled off or get scratched, and the tire will remain the same as new even after years. So, you will charge 250$ to 520$ for the powder coating of four rims, so by calculating this method, you will get to know how much it costs to powder coat rims.

Designed Spray Paint:

To get better results of painting on rims, you should purchase spray paint that is actually formulated for the rims. Suppose you are painting 4 rims, and the price of spray paint is probably 20$. Then you can know the cost that will occur by multiplying the price of the paint by the quantity of spray paint cans which is 80$.

So, if the prices vary, you will not face any problems because you can easily calculate the cost by using this method.

Truck Bed Liner:

If you are painting two truck beds, then you should buy high-quality truck bed liners to get stiff finishing. So, it is recommended to purchase 4 tins of bed liner that are enough for you.

The price of each tin of bed liner is approx. Thirty-five dollars which means you are charging 140$ on your truck bed which is affordable.

What Paint to Use on Alloy Wheels?

So, if you want to paint your alloy wheel, then you should buy a paint that is manufactured for alloy wheels, and this paint lasts for longer on the rims as compared to using simple paints.

Is Spray Painting Rims a Good Idea?

Yes, definitely, the spray paints are long-lasting and give a smooth finish to the surface, so it is a good idea to use spray paint on rims. Below are the benefits of using spray paint in detail:

Classy Look:

If you use spray paint on your car rims, then you will give your car a classy look which makes it attractive, and your car will always look like a new car.

Stays for Longer:

Spray paints are durable, and they will remain the same even after 6 to 7 years, and they will not get bumpy, rough, or peel off.

Temperature Resistant:

Quality spray paints allow the car wheel rims to resist any temperature so they will not get dull by the changing temperature.

Save Your Money:

If your rims look older and you think there is the only option to replace the tires with a new one, then you are wrong because you can make them brand new by painting them with spray paint means you can paint the car rims in your budget instead of spending a lot of money on replacing the wheels.

What Will be the Result of Using the Low-Quality Spray Paint on the Rims?

If you want to do the paint rim job at a lower price by using low-quality spray paint, then you should keep in mind that it will crack, chip, or peel off within 6 to 7 seven months. It’s recommended to increase your budget for a little bit to use high-quality spray paint for the required result.

How Much Time Rims Will Take to Get Dry?

After finishing the paint on the rims, you should leave it overnight, and it is the ideal duration for the paint to dry. Then, you can fix it back to your vehicle.

Conclusion – Cost to Paint Rims

If you have read the whole article carefully, then you surely got the answer of ”How much does it cost to paint rims?” so you can paint your car rim by yourself by following the process and also get the services from professional automotive workshops.

It is clear that the DIY method is more affordable than a professional rim painting service, but I’m not trying to force anyone to prefer the DIY method for a professional painting job because it depends on your budget.

How Much Does It Cost to Paint Rims?

How Much Does It Cost to Paint Rims? – FAQs

The duration of plastic dip on car wheel rims is around about 8 to 9 months, or for a year after that, it will get messy, and the rims will look old comparatively, spray paints are more durable than a plastic dip.

When your vehicle rims are in very bad condition and are not repairable, then it is suggested to purchase new rims. So, if you are high on the budget, then spend 600$ on each graphite-coated rim or if you are low budget, then buy used rims that are in good condition.

If the rims are scratched or cracked, then you can repair the surface by cleaning, sanding, and priming. When you feel scratches are covered and the surface is smooth, then apply paint to the rims.

The duration period of peel-able paint is 3 to 4 years which is quite acceptable at a low price to paint rims. So, using peel-able auto paint on the car rims is not a bad choice.

Yes, Maaco is willing to paint rims, and the maximum cost will occur on each tire is 25$. And if the total amount you are painting for 4 wheels is 100$.