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Eggshell Vs Semi-Gloss Paint 2024 – Which one is best?

One of the most discussed debates among those who want to paint their wall or windows is the difference between eggshell and semi-gloss paint. Many people want to paint their homes, but they are unaware if eggshell or semi-gloss paint is good for them.

To select the best paint, you must know semi-gloss vs eggshell completely. There are a lot of differences and similarities between both of these.

For more information read this full post to know the complete difference between eggshell and semi-gloss paint.

What’s the Difference between Eggshell And Semi Gloss Paint?

The main difference of eggshell paint and semi gloss is the brightness. An eggshell only has a small and slightest layer of shine, while semi-gloss paint offers the perfect shining ability. It is more reflective and bold as compared to the eggshell paint. Remember that this is not the only point I can differentiate between them. But there are many other ways which determine the differences as given below.

What is Eggshell Paint Finish?

Eggshell gloss is the paint that has only small luster ability. It’s mostly available in an off-white color and has 10% to 25% gloss percentage. Additionally, when it dries, it quickly offers a smooth color. So, no matter if you want to paint a full window and wall or want to hide a damp, this paint is always a perfect choice because of it’s astonishing features.

Finishing this paint on a wall creates a dynamic layer due to which a wall or window looks unique. Also, it offers a sense of depth compared to any other flat paint.

Eggshell paint is similar to other paints. In my experience, the difference is in the number of materials that have been used during it’s preparation. Binder and pigments are the most important reactants used for their preparation. Binder is the main component that offers enough shining. An eggshell is less shiny, it has less amount of binder in it.

Eggshell paint has a low amount of binder, which is not much shiny. Also, it is harder than the other paints, which have binder as the main proportion. Cleaning this paint is easily as compare to a paint which has high amount of binder. Binder is a hard substance which makes the cleaning process difficult.

If your main purpose is to enhance the shining of the wall or windows, then using eggshell paint is not a good choice. However, if you want to hide an imperfection, using this paint is ideal. It has less sheen, and at the imperfections, more sheen can create issues.

Using eggshell paint is comparatively dead easy as it has a lower sheen, so it’s easy to complete a painting task in less time only by applying a thick layer on the wall or at imperfections.

Lastly, the cost of eggshell paint is low compared to other paints, and this is mostly available in ready-made cans. It means you don’t need to add any additional products.

Pros of Eggshell Paint

  • Budget-friendly
  • Can hide imperfection easily
  • Easy to paint one wall and windows
  • Offers the highest coverage

Cons of Eggshell Paint

  • It has low durability
  • Less resistant to moisture and chemicals

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What is SemiGloss Paint?

Semi-gloss paint is the one that has more amounts of binder and hence more shining ability as compared to the eggshell and many other paints. Binders are the substances that provide a high glow and shine on anything where these are added. Also, paint semi gloss offers more reflection, which is the reason for more shinning ability upon hitting the light on the place where it is applied.

Semi-gloss paint is oil-based paint. The paint easily offers a high amount of sheen and dries quickly once implemented on the wall. It has resistant to moisture and chemicals more than any other paint.

Since it has a high amount of binder, the feature makes it durable more than any other paint. Moreover, scrubbing the sheen without any damage is dead easy. Using chemicals and washing powders to clean it doesn’t create damage. It is useful to implement in those areas where humidity is the main issue.

 A semi-gloss paint, however, is shinier and has easy touchups features. On the same hand, you can face noticeable sheens and streaks. Binder quantity is high, and pigments quantity is low. Moreover, it is expensive compared to other paints of less sheen comparatively. 

Pros of Semi-Gloss Paint

  • Moisture and chemical-resistant
  • Easy to use and clean
  • More durability

Cons of Semi-Gloss Paint

  • Expensive comparatively
  • Touchups are not soft
Eggshell Vs Semi-Gloss Paint
Eggshell Vs Semi-Gloss Paint

Eggshell and Semi-Gloss Paint in Detail

After key differences between eggshell and semi-gloss paint, here is now an in-depth detail of both. After reading this section, you will determine which one is good for you.


How eggshell paint looks like is a frequently asked question. It looks like a shiny, flat sheen of paint, which is different from semi-gloss paint.

The main difference between these is the sheen; as mentioned above, an eggshell has more shiny appearance than semi-gloss paint. Semi-gloss paint is available in multiple colors, while eggshell is mostly available in off-white color.

Moreover, when light hits on the semi-gloss paint, it glows brightly compared to the eggshell paint, which is mostly used to hide imperfections in walls and windows. Eggshell paint has comparatively less sheen. The reason is that it does not reflect much light compared to the semi gloss paint on walls.


Another important feature used to describe the difference between semi-gloss paint and eggshell paint is the finish. Semi-gloss paint is stronger than eggshell paint and is reflective as well.

Both of these paints have a smooth look. However, semi-gloss paint is not easy to apply everywhere, and it can cause some streaks when you paint walls or windows at specific time intervals. It means painting the walls and windows fast is the best solution to avoid streaks and imperfections in the paint.

Durability Values

When I talk about the durability of eggshells and semi-gloss, semi-gloss is more durable than eggshells. The reason is that a semi-gloss paint has more binders that are hard and flexible at the same time. Both of these reasons increase its durability period. At the same time, eggshell paint is less durable because of the less availability of binders and more availability of pigments.

Additionally, the semi-gloss paint’s moisture and chemical resistant features are basic reasons for increasing its durability.


More pigments mean greater coverage value at a time. If you want to cover more area in less time, eggshell paint is a good choice. It has more pigments and fewer binders, creating a greater coating once used on the wall or window.

On the other hand, a semi-gloss paint has fewer pigments and more binders, creating a lower coating and taking more time to paint an area.


Both paints are easy to maintain, but eggshell paint is less easy than semi-gloss paint. It is easy to touchups an eggshell paint, but it is harder to clean it at the same time.

A semi-gloss paint is easy to clean and wash. Its durability value is more. Overall, semi-gloss paint has more value when I talk about maintenance.

Ease of Use

An eggshell paint is less difficult to work with than semi-gloss paint. Eggshell mixes when painted on a surface, even when wet paint is placed over dried paint. A person would paint in straight lines from the top to bottom after putting paint on a roller. As a result, you will have to paint the paint swiftly and carefully, limiting the chances of overlap and lines.

The high-gloss surface of semi-gloss makes touchups more obvious, mostly because the sheen will be inconsistent. Then they’d have to dip the roller in paint again and add another neighboring stripe, repeating the procedure until you covered the entire section.

Note: Painting a wall with semi-gloss finish, for example, necessitates a single-swipe technique. A paint spray may be required otherwise. You can obtain even coverage without lines using a sprayer, eliminating the chances of streaks or even other finish flaws.


If you’re painting a wide area, even a minor price difference per can adds up, possibly costing you big bucks because you picked semi-gloss versus eggshell. The paint from the same company can have a price difference of about $2 to $10 per can.

If you want to apply a single coat, the difference in cost is $20 to $30. If you want to apply two coats, the cost difference ranges from $40 to $60.

A $10 gap for one can doesn’t seem like a significant problem in many circumstances, but it may rapidly mount up. The price difference, however, might be significant or little. A single gallon of any paint may cover up to 400 square feet.


Semi-gloss paint in kitchens and bathrooms is ideal since it’s long-lasting and moisture-resistant. In low-light spaces, semi-gloss might help to brighten the environment. In some cases, though, both eggshell and semi-gloss paint are preferable.

Eggshell paint is less durable, so it’s best to use in areas with fewer visitors and direct touch. Light bounces easily because of the reflecting characteristic, making darkened spaces appear brighter than if you utilized flat paint.

While you may use it in bigger, well-lit spaces, some people may find semi-gloss too much in that situation. You can also paint trim and molding in semi-gloss. It’s a great choice for ceilings since it adds just a bit of gloss without being too shiny.

For almost every project, you may select any paint you like. Dining rooms, adolescent and adult bedrooms, home offices, and various living areas are all excellent choices. In many cases, the final aesthetic with eggshell paint is appropriate for such areas.


Eggshell or Semi-Gloss, Which Paint Is Better

Ultimately, neither paint is superior to the other. Instead, you may find one better than the other according to the requirements of your project. Consequently, you’ll need to think about your project and its objectives to figure out which option is ideal for you.

Egg Shell

Eggshell paint is more soothing and peaceful, but semi-gloss paint is sturdier and more lasting, making it ideal for high-traffic areas where the walls will need to be cleaned frequently.

No doubt, eggshell is resilient but not as resilient as semi-gloss. While eggshell paint is more resilient than a semi gloss paint, it isn’t sturdy enough to withstand the wear and tear of a busy home. It would help if you did not use eggshell paint in high-traffic areas of your house, such as the kitchen, bathroom, or living room.

Now there arises a question what eggshell paint used for is? Eggshell paint is used for painting areas where there are lesser visitors. And paint is less prone to damage. These areas include cabinets, bedrooms, and ceilings.

Another advantage of selecting eggshell paint is that it is very easy to clean. You would want a moist washcloth and some gentle soap. Anyone who wishes to cover the blemishes on their walls should choose eggshell paint. Eggshell is preferable in big areas with lesser people where moisture isn’t a concern.

The lesser shine will not overpower a room and result in more accurate color. It’s also easier to apply, reducing the chances of visible streaks on huge walls. Although the sheen isn’t as high as some paints, the result is still impressive.


If you have people and no pets in your house, a good quality semi-gloss is a great option. Semi-gloss is also better than eggshells since it dries faster, and lasts longer.

This durability is why semi-gloss is a fantastic choice for high-traffic sections of your house like the kitchen, living room, and dining room.

If you need to repaint your cabinets, your home’s trim, or even your doors, semi-gloss is better than eggshell.

Semi-gloss has been proven to be more washable than eggshells. It would help if you had gentle soap and a moist towel to clean painted surfaces. Finally, because of its light-reflective features, semi-gloss is preferable for dark areas since the sheen may lighten the atmosphere.

If there is a chance of dampness, as might happen in bathrooms and kitchens, semi-gloss is a better option. Semi-gloss may not be the ideal choice if your wall has a lot of dents and other abnormalities. Once fully dry, semi-gloss paint will disclose any blemishes on the wall. This disclosure is a downside to semi-gloss paint.

Which One Wins- Eggshell or Semi-Gloss 😲

There might not be a clear winner here. If you want a certain sheen for your project, choose the paint that provides you with that shine. Think of any issues that may arise due to your decision, and be prepared to face them.

Converting A Semi-Gloss Finish To Eggshell

If you have not painted the wall yet, you can add matte or flat paint to semi-gloss paint to convert it to eggshell. If you have already painted your walls with a semi-gloss, you need to follow the below discussed method to get a smooth, level finish without stripping too much paint or hurting the surface. You’ll also need the optimum grit number of sandpaper.

If you’ve painted a surface with semi-gloss paint and wish to minimize the shine, few options are available. You test a small area beforehand to ensure the final effect is an eggshell, as some products may leave you with a flat finish. Finally, softly sand the painted surface if you want to minimum gloss.

Gloss removing agents can be harsh, so keep that in mind. Gently scrub tough paint, wipe it with a moist towel, and let it dry to inspect the effect. If that doesn’t diminish the gloss sufficiently, go to a lower grit rating.

A sander in the 350 to 400 grit range is usually recommended for your initial test. You may then test if it achieves your desired shine level before going further. Using a clear eggshell finish topcoat is the simplest method. However, keep in mind that going below 200 grit might be dangerous.

Converting an Eggshell Finish To Semi-Gloss

A clear semi-gloss topcoat is your best choice if you have eggshell paint on walls or furniture and want to raise the shine to a semi-gloss. It will allow you to increase the shine without changing the underlying hue.

Like with paint, semi-gloss clear coatings can have streaks and uniformity difficulties. To avoid overlapping and streaks, you’ll need to have a sharp eye and work carefully.

Basic Difference between Eggshell, Semi-Gloss and Satin

Here, I will discuss eggshell vs. satin vs. semi-gloss. A semi-gloss is the most durable and reflecting paint. On the other hand, Eggshell is a matte finish and is lesser durable than semi-gloss. Satin paint comes in between both the paints in terms of gloss and durability while being more glowing than eggshell and more durable than eggshell and lesser glowing and durable than semi-gloss.

People ask whether to use eggshell or semi-gloss for the bedroom and eggshell or semi-gloss for the living room. You can simply use any paint you want. As the living room has more visitors, more durable gloss paint is better. Whereas the bedroom has lesser visitors so, you can use eggshell paint.

Is The Mixing Of The Two Paints Possible?

Mixing eggshell with semi-gloss paint is possible. If you want to mix eggshell and semi-gloss paint, the best solution is to use a mechanical mixer.

If you want sheen between eggshell and semi-gloss, buying your favorite shade in a satin finish could be preferable. Streaks and sheen fluctuations are likely to appear if you don’t perform a thorough mixing job, resulting in an uneven finish. Eggshell sheen is more effective than semi gloss sheen.

Most people also ask the question can you paint eggshell over semi-gloss? There is no recommended way to mix both of these directly. However, if you want to paint, you must paint the eggshell first and then wait for dry. Now paint with semi-gloss paint slowly.

Conclusion- Eggshell Vs Semi-Gloss

It is now clear that the main difference between the two types of finish is the glow of the two paints. However, other differentiating factors include cost, durability, ease of maintenance etc.

Semi-gloss paint is easier to maintain and provides more durability but is expensive. In contrast, eggshells are cheaper and provide a good matte look but are not as good as semi-gloss paints.

This article covers “eggshell vs. semi-gloss, which is better? What is the difference?”. I hope you have all your answers. If there are any other queries, you can ask in the comments below.