Can Acrylic Paint Be Used On the Skin? A Complete Guide 2024

Can acrylic paint be used on the skin? It is a frequently asked question. Most people want to use acrylic paint on the skin, but they want to know if there are any side effects and if acrylic paint is safe for the face and body.
Applying acrylic paint on the skin may cause significant issues, including allergic reactions. However, some protective measures are necessary, which I mention in this article.

Body Painting using Acrylic Paints:

Body painting using acrylic paint is a trend nowadays. Making canvas and drawings on the body are common examples. Moreover, humans color their bodies to hide from animals and other purposes. It’s a great way to hide the body from potential predators.

Can Acrylic Paint Be Used On Skin Safely?

Acrylic paint is not optimum for skin when you use it directly. I only suggest using acrylic paint on the skin if you want to perform a critical task. Also, it would help if you kept in mind that removing acrylic paint from the skin is not easy.

Don’t worry; some nontoxic acrylic paints you can use on the skin are easy to remove. So, the critical point is selecting the right paint type and the application process.

Why should you avoid Acrylic Paint on the Skin?

There are different reasons that acrylic paints can give the best results if used for skin paintings. These reasons include their non-toxic nature and water-based content. Being water-based does not imply that they are easy to wash off. It will help if you avoid acrylic paints on the skin for the following reasons.

1. Acrylic Paints Can be Skin Irritants

Although acrylic paint is non-toxic, its colors are toxic to human skin. Eczema is one of the most prevalent disorders caused by acrylic paints. There is no doubt that some acrylic paints are non-toxic. Still, some brands are toxic because of their chemical nature. I recommend checking the label and substances in the acrylic paint before its usage on the skin.

2. Inhaling Acrylic Paints Can Cause Health Risks

Inhaling the paint can cause serious health issues, including some lung diseases. Because it will directly touch your skin, the paint will subject you to breathing the paint’s scents. According to several studies, many kinds of acrylic paint emit hazardous particles into the atmosphere, particularly as it dries.

3. Dry Acrylic Paint Is Very Tough

As mentioned above, drying acrylic paint is difficult because of its chemicals. If you want to dry the acrylic paint, you need to know the substances you apply, which can decrease the drying time for the acrylic paint.

Additionally, some fast-drying items like sir sprays are helpful for the rapid drying process. Also, do not wet the surfaces by putting water on them. Keep the body in the air or where there is less moisturizer for good results.

4. Needs Constant Retouching

Unlike all other paints, you may need complete attention towards the acrylic paint project. Follow the instructions I mentioned below and check the paint label. Keep checking the acrylic paint body process instructions.

5. Dry Acrylic Paints Are Tough To Remove

Removing the acrylic paint once it dries takes work. More than just washing off the skin with ordinary soap is required for good results. In my experience, using specific chemicals such as baby oil and alcohol is helpful. Put some oil drops or alcohol on the smooth cotton cloth and slowly rub over the painted area of the body. Now wash off the paint with a good soap.

Note: Still, if you face some issues, I recommend contacting a paint professional to avoid any inconvenience.

Can Acrylic Paint Be Used On Skin
Can Acrylic Paint Be Used On the Skin

Alternatives of the Acrylic Paints on the Skin

I recommend using acrylic paint on the body when you have a critical task. Here are some suggested alternatives you can use instead of the acrylic paint on the face and body.

So, if you want to buy good body paint, then it is better to take notes of the following points:


Everyone has a different skin tone and features. A painting or a cosmetic product suitable for a person may not be good for others.

So, firstly check if a product is matchable with your skin and is not causing any allergic issues. You can check it by applying the product to the small body part and removing it.


Applying a waterproof product is better than regretting it later after spending lots of money and having no results. I recommend checking labels for waterproof products. And if you are on specific occasions like a marriage ceremony or part, waterproof products are good to go as you have to spend a lot of hours outside the home. In this way, you can avoid humid effects as well.


Checking the washability of the paint is another essential property you should check before applying a paint product to the body. The higher the washability level; the easier the paint to wash off.

Types of Paints That Can Replace Acrylic Paints for Skin Use:

There are many other paints better suited for your skin. The following list includes some safe body paints available today and their safety:

1. Water-Based:

Water-based acrylic paints are a good option among all types of acrylic paints. The reason is that these are easy to dry and wash off from the body. Moreover, water-based paints don’t need much hard work to apply to the body.

2. Metallic Body Paint:

Overall metallic paint is good to use when you want a high-quality, shiny appearance on the body. Metalic colors give a gleaming appearance as compared to other types of stains. However, this paint is somehow irritating.

3. Latex body paint:

Latex-based paint is another necessary type of paint that is useful for body paints. This paint is easy to wash off as it does not leave any residue on the body. Moreover, it has no side effects on the human face and body.

4: Henna:

Henna is another crucial type of body paint from a plant named “henna.” It is valuable and safe to use for adults and children. It has no side effects on human and other animals’ bodies.

5: Commercial bodypaints and markers:

Non-toxic body paint is mass-produced in aerosol cans, containers, and markers by several firms. Because they don’t include latex, they’re among the safest body paints available today.

These are some of the safest body paints to use while keeping your skin safe. The best paint for body or face painting is a brand designed for the skin. Commercial body paints and markers are the safest for all ages.

Is Acrylic Paint Safe For Facial Use?

Acrylic paint is not safe for your face and body. Washing off color can cause minor issues, including allergic reactions and body rashes. Moreover, it can remove tiny hairs from your body’s painted area. As I mentioned above, acrylic -paint is not easy to wash off from the skin, so you may have skin issues while removing it.

Still, water-based acrylic paints are perfect options for human skin because of their nontoxic and easy-to-wash-off nature.

Can You Paint Your Hands Using Acrylic Paints?

Acrylic paint is unsafe for the face and body, including the hands. It is less toxic for adults but more poisonous for children because of their sensitive skin. The child’s skin is more attractive to absorbing chemicals in the paint and other substances. I recommend washing off your hands quickly after removing the acrylic paint from a protective chemical.

Face and Body Painting Step-by-Step Instructions 2022

Step 1: Compiling the Tools

Compiling the tools is the first step that is necessary to follow. Take all the necessary equipment, including sponges, brushes, and paint, to one place where you are ready to start painting. Also, keep water, bottles, an extra piece of rough cloth, and a paintbrush to eliminate the errors you make while painting. You can also use ready-made products for it, including utensils and glitters, to save your time (this is possible if you have enough budget).

Step 2: Preparing Your Skin

Preparing your skins is important to avoid any advance errors. It’s very easy to prepare your skin as you only need to clean and dry it accordingly. You can also watch some YouTube series or tutorials for this purpose. Now think about which type of paint you want to put on your skin. Some people love to paint flowers, animals, and flags of their country, and some people like to paint randomly using different colors and paint ideas.

Step 3: Start Painting the Body

Once you have decided on the painting design, start painting them on the body slowly. Start from a specific direction, i.e. from a specific design, and outline it. Now fill in the colors in it as per your wish.

How to Paint Your Body on Canvas

As painting canvas is the main reason behind a successful painting on the body. So, the most important question people ask is how to paint your body on canvas. There is no hard and fast rule for it. However, some rules are necessary to follow. Painting your body directly is not good enough. That’s the reason that I recommend Pain on Canvas.

Just start it with a paintbrush on canvas just as you apply it on any other thing. Don’t let the paint go outside areas of the canvas. Make sure that the paint you are using on the skin is safe enough that it does not create any issues like allergic reactions.

Can Acrylic Paint Be Used On face
Can Acrylic Paint Be Used On Skin

How to Get Off Acrylic Paint from the Skin?

Acrylic paint is different from other water-based paints. So, these are not as easy to clean. You must have proper time, attention, and the products to wash off acrylic paint from the skin. Here are some steps on how to remove acrylic paint from the skin easily:

  • Scrub the paint from your skin by using your fingernails or any other utensil that is not painful to scrub off.
  • Wash the paint by using a common soap or paint removes soap. You can also use lukewarm water for this purpose to remove paint quickly.
  • Now rinse the paint gradually with warm water or tap water until the whole paint is removed.
  • Repeat this procedure until the whole paint is removed from the skin
 Note: If this method does not help you, you can visit a professional. I also recommend implementing some home remedies, including vegetable oil, olive oil, or canola oil slow but efficient paint removal from the body. 

Top Reviewed Face Paints

Here are some best face paints based on our review and usage. If you cannot find face paint from the market, you can purchase the following from the Amazon marketplace.

Create A Face Painting Kit for Kids

As the name suggests, this is one of the important and well-reputed face paints specifically made for kids. It is available in a small size, so you need to buy more than one paint package for more space. There are no side effects of this paint on the whole body, including the face.

Here are some features and benefits of this paint that urge people to buy it apart from its small package and high price:

  • It dries up quickly and saves you the cost of buying a paint drier
  • This paint is an FDA-approved product
  • It is available in eight colors, and all the necessary accessories are included in a package.
  • You can implement this paint just before the short time when you are ready to attend an event or want to show your face paint.

Split Cakes Face Paint

This paint is available in different shades and colors. Its availability in six different colors makes it more considerable than any other single-color paint. It is water-based paint and is easy to wash with any common soap. These features make it a top priority to buy specifically for those who want to have temporary paint. Split cakes face paint does not come with extra accessories. Still, I recommend using this paint because of many other positive features, including ready-made paint usage and lower price.

Ben Nye MagicCakes

Another water-based paint is Ben Nye MagicCakes which is dead easy to apply to the face. You need to have a piece of sponge, dip it in water, and then apply it to your face. This paint comes in different containers and colors. It is not as easy to wash off as other paints are. However, you can wash it off by adding some extra effort.

Best Body Acrylic Paints

Is acrylic paint bad for your skin? Usually, not all paints are bad for the skin. Here are some top-rated paints for the body that are easy to use and have greater value than any other paint used on the body. These acrylic paints for the body are durable to use once you open them, are budget-friendly, and have unique painting results.

Snazaroo Classic Face and Body Paint Show

It is one of the highest quality and best paints for skin available in different colors. It is mentioned in the good quality cosmetics paint list. It is an FDA-approved product.

Both of these reasons make it ideal to buy in daily life. This Snazaroo paint is available in vibrant colors and is suitable for all body parts, i.e. skin, arms, and legs. It’s free of any allergic effects, which is one of the common reasons mentioning it is at the top of our list.

Mehron Paradise Makeup AQ Face and Body Paint

It is another well-reputed and top-rated skin-safe paint useful for the face and body. Hence, it is an FDA-approved product, so people love to buy it. Although it is a water-based paint, it also has an amount of oil, aloe, chamomile, and cocoa butter. However, you need to save it from sweating and water once you have applied it to your face or body.

Neon Glow Blacklight Body Paint

Neon glow paint is one of those paints recommended by most professional painters due to its glowing results even in the dark. The package has a kit available in 6 colors, including green, pink, yellow, orange, red, and blue neon shades.

It is ideal for both kids and adults based on its ASTMD-4236 certifications. It does not cause any side effects or skin irritations. Face painting with acrylic paint is now popular due to this product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it’s washable on human skin. You can use a common soap for water-based paint; however, specific time and attention are required for oil-based pints.

No, you can’t turn common paint into acrylic paint, and even it’s not recommended. Instead, some specific paint products are designed for face painting, which we recommend using.

Metallic paint, specifically made for the skin, is 100% safe.

Wrapping Up- Can Acrylic Paint Be Used On Skin

Hence, it’s clear from the above guide that you can use acrylic paint on your skin. However, some tips are necessary to follow for everyone. The steps are necessary to follow for the perfect paint on the face and body. Start by preparing the skin for paint and end it with a paintbrush and dry-up process.

Moreover, I recommended some face and body paints on our experience. All of these paints are good enough to use for everyone. These paints are safe and FDA-approved, which is an ideal point about them.