Best Shutter Colors for Red Brick House 2023

Best Shutter Colors for Red Brick House 2024 – Detailed Guide

Professionals recommend multiple colors, which you can use on your shutter while installing or reinstalling them. Moreover, red bricks are not always red but are a mixture of multiple shades, including light red or dark red. Our professionals recommend Black and other color shutters based on their experience.

Best Shutter Colors for Red Brick House

Here are some of the shutter colors that significantly impact your home designs, precisely when you look at them from the outside.

1) Black Shutters

Black shutters on brick houses light, medium, or dark, are an excellent combination, specifically when you select them for red brick houses. Black shutter color offers an elegant and sophisticated look, precisely when you match them with red brick houses.

black shutter color for red brick house
Black shutter color for red brick house

Black color shuttering for windows with red bricks house and the white colored roof is one of the most reputed and beautiful combinations worldwide.

2) Gray Color Shutter

If you want to get a professional and beautiful look for your red brick houses, gray color shutters for windows and doors are what you should select. Gray color not only offers a professional look but also makes your home look stylish and well-designed is it’s another function.

gray shutter color for red brick house
Gray shutter color for red brick house

One must remember that gray color is not a single color, but multiple shades of this color are available in the market. People get confused about the selection when they see a lot of shades. One should see if the red bricks are too dark or normal. For dark red bricks, you select the light gray color for shutters and vice versa.

 Note: Overall, granite gray and chocolate gray shades are considerable if you don’t want to spend a lot of time on the selection of shutter colors. This color is also best combination for exterior house colors with shutters. 

The advantage of using light gray color shutters is their neutral look, due to which double bounds increase the house’s beauty. In addition, light gray color shades are readily available in the market to paint your newly designed shutters and doors.

3) White Shutters

There is no doubt that white color shutters and red bricks are an excellent combination for a house. However, you should also consider the roof colors. If your roof color is dark, like gray, green, or black, the combination of white shutters and red brick walls becomes more attractive. White color has different shades just as other colors have. Mostly cream white color, off-white color, and grayish-white colors are good-looking for a combination of red brick houses.

White Shutter color for red brick house
White Shutter color for red brick house

In my experience, I always suggest you select the pure white color if you are accessible with the maintenance and cleaning values. For pure white colors, one needs to put extra effort into maintaining its shade. Otherwise, you can select cream and off-white color shades.

4) Green Shutters

If you want to own a classic-style home, green color shutters with red bricks are just an excellent choice. Red and green are both neutral colors which makes an excellent complement.

You should install green color shutters if your house is located where trees and plants surround it. It does not matter if your house has red bricks or not; green colors are always considered the best choice for all bricks. Its durability and neutrality value not only make the right tone for a red brick house but also have long-lasting impacts on the viewers.

Green shutter color for red brick house
Green shutter color for red brick house

This color has a peaceful view combined with red bricks and green or gray roofs. And it has different shades, including light green, dark green, and classic green colors. However, the light green color has a more exquisite appearance than the dark green color.

 Green color is also the best shutter colors for white house.  

5) Brown Shutters

Using brown shutters with red bricks house is an old, trendy, and appealing choice. Nowadays, people don’t like this color combination much. Still, it’s an excellent choice for those fond of classic-style looks. Most government buildings, offices, and industries still prefer this combination. The reason is that a brown color with red bricks houses is dead easy to maintain for everyone. Just clean the shutters with any smooth cloth daily; they will look new.

Brown Shutter color for red brick house
Brown Shutter color for red brick house

6) Purple Shutters

When it comes to knowing about house and shutter color combinations, purple color is an excellent combination with red bricks. A red brick house with a purpose shutter looks new and beautiful no matter how old your house is.

Purple Shutter color for red brick house
Purple Shutter color for red brick house

Specifically, if you live in cold areas, the purpose color shutter is a perfect combination that makes your home warm by absorbing heat from outside. You can also select the purple roof color with this combination to make a tranquil appearance for visitors.

Best Shutter Colors for Red Brick House

Best Shutter Colors for Red Brick House – Frequently Asked Questions

It’s not easy to answer in a single word and mention the color name of red brick houses. Multiple factors are necessary to keep in mind—roof color and red brick color shades. As I mentioned earlier red color bricks are available in different shades, so you have to select the color wisely. Also, consider the climate and select a durable color according to your external environmental conditions.

Yes, it’s good if your front door color matches the shutters; however, it’s not a final choice. You can select the door darker than the color for the shutters. A darker color on the door will make it visible as sometimes there are many windows and shutters. Overall, one should consider both the door and shutter colors.

No, the shutters are not outdated. In the old days, shutters were used to protect the windows from rain, other environmental conditions, and animals. However, nowadays, shutters are important not for protection but for the beauty of your house.

Final Verdicts- Best Shutter Color for Red Bricks Houses

Multiple colors are ideal in combination with red brick houses. However, I recommend using neutral and natural colors that easily blend. These neutral colors won’t make you think and waste a lot of time selecting colors for shutters with red brick houses.

You can also see the trend of the nearby houses and install the same color shutter as other people installed in their homes. If you want to improve your red brick house, keep reading our latest posts.