Best Roof Color for Red Brick House - Detailed Guide 2023

Best Roof Color for Red Brick House – Detailed Guide 2024

Selecting the roof color for your house is one of the attention-grabbing tasks. Everyone wants to look at their home as beautiful with the combination of different roof colors.

People love to use neutral colors for roofs as they significantly impact the human eye. It’s not only about selecting the roof color and then working on it; color complementing features are hectic to know. Hence, selecting the Best Roof Color for a Red Brick House is a complicated fact.

best roof color for red brick house
Best roof color for red brick house

If you are the person who wants to know what color shingles for a red brick house, read this entire post.

Selecting the Best Roof Color for Red Brick House

Selecting different roof colors for a red brick house is too critical. Many features must be considered, from selecting the best roof color to installing them carefully. The exterior look of your house with red bricks is also about the sunlight and other chemicals that can affect your house’s look. The surrounding landscape and the places near your home also need to be considered.

1. Black Shingle Roof

It’s just a copy of the real shingle house, which looks attractive. If you want a natural look at your home, this black and red color is a great idea. And it becomes more dominant if your house is located between trees places or is surrounded by gardens.

Black shingle roof
Black shingle roof

Additionally, the black and red color contrast offers an exquisite experience to those who see it. It also looks stunning if your house is on stubborn mountain pathways. You can also add a grey color shingle with a black colored roof to make it less shiny based on your priorities.

2. Blue Grey Shingle Roof

Some people don’t like black color with red brick sidings or walls. The reason is that they are allergic to this color or don’t have good vibes. In this case, a blue-grey roof shingle is ideal to install. You can also add shades or hints of the dark blue color based on your needs and requirements.

blue grey shingle roof
Blue-grey shingle roof

This color looks better than many other dark colors and offers a great site, especially when you look at your house from the outside. It’s good to use on the sight when your home is located at the outside places separate from other houses.

3. Grey Roof

Grey is one of the best roof colors for brick houses. If you want to make your house look classy, this grey color is an ideal choice for grey within red sidings and walls. You can also check for the windows and the chimneys. If they are located nearest to your home, use other dark colors matchable with the grey color to make a difference.

The grey color does not allow to pass the light of the sun’s rays to come from the outside to the inside surfaces. It is also the best choice if your house is between the greenery and you want to make it look unique.

grey roof
grey roof

A light green color door with red bricks and a grey color roof combination is a fabulous choice. In short, if you want to examine the ultimate charm at your house, this combination is an ideal choice if a selection of roof colors is a hectic task for you.

4. Brown Roof

It comes in the category of best color shingles for red brick houses. If you want to make your home look beautiful but straightforward, a brown color roof with red bricks is an excellent choice. Brown colors come in the category of natural dyes. And the combination of the brown roof with the red brick is exquisite.

brown roof
brown roof

The brown between the red bricks looks like a natural wood-colored sight, mainly liked by older adults or those who want an honest look at their house. Depending upon your color scheme choices, you can add shades of any other neutral and light color to make it look unique. It is a good idea for those who want to look at their home differently compared to many different houses nearby.

5. Light Grey Roof

A light grey roof is a perfect choice who love light colors other than neutral colors. The golden color with red brick walls and the house offers a charming view, and the combination is unique, providing a natural wood color look.

Light grey shingle roof
Light grey shingle roof

I recommend installing a white-colored door. It will enhance the beauty of your home. This color combination eliminates the efforts of painting the walls and bricks due to its durability and safety features.

6. Greenish and Reddish Grey Roof Color

This combination does not only work for new houses but is ideal for applying to old houses. If you own an old home and want to make it look as beautiful and fresh as it’s new, using a greenish and reddish color roof with a combination of red brick is a versatile choice.

In my experience, This combination is famous mainly in French cities. No matter how many houses are on your street, these colors make your home unique. Anyone who passes beside your house will get an exquisite and surprising look, no matter how old your house is.


You can use the greenish and reddish colors as the solid form or the form of gradients. A gradient color looks more beautiful than a solid color as it’s a copy of a slate color. Besides the house, you can also use this combination in your stores and office places.

7. Multi-Colored Roof

Another best roof color for the red brick house is the multi-colored roof. Those who want a classy and unique appearance in their house should try this multi-colored roof with red bricks house. You can use dark green, red, grey, and beige color shingles roof all in one. All the colors within the red brick walls offer a quirky appearance.

multi-colored roof
Multi-colored roof

These different shades with red colored bricks are overpowering your house in the sight of viewers. Using light for the roof instead of dark colors is efficient and recommended.

You can check the specific color on any tiny part of the roof and see if it’s looking OK. Otherwise, you can try another color until you find an excellent combination.

8. Shenandoah Color Roof

The Shenandoah Colour roof, also known as a gable roof, offers a compliment look. This color between the red brick colors informs us about the natural talent of the architecture. Professionals recommend it to be used on the most significant buildings and industrial roofs with red bricks.

Shenandoah Color Roof
Shenandoah Color Roof

The Shenandoah Color is durable because it does not allow to passing of chemicals and sunrays from its upper surface, which means it works for a long time. Due to the dark color shade, it gives a worthy look. You can also use this color to paint the exterior places of your house, including a door, window, or pillar. In short, if you want a beautiful yet classy look to your home, this color combination with red brick walls and house is what I highly recommend.

9. Mix Metals Colored Roof

Metal roof colors on red brick houses are helpful for industrial buildings, where metals are the most significant material. A red brick exterior with a steal-colored roof is an excellent choice.

Mix Metals Colored Roof
Mix Metals Colored Roof

Using a steel metal roof or any other metal roof offers a modern look to your home. 24 gauge steel type is also good for this purpose. You can also get a metallic color look by mixing metals other than steel. Just make sure to call a professional for this purpose.

10. Flat Roof with Red Brick House

People who have less place because they live in an area of high population or where their neighbor’s houses are too close are worried about the look of their houses.

Flat Roof with Red Brick House
Flat Roof with Red Brick House

If you are facing so, you should avoid thinking about it because a flat roof between the red bricks offers a beautiful look that everyone will be surprised by at first look. In this case, a light grey, light blue, or any other light shade is recommended.

11. Stone Accents

If you want a sophisticated but rusty style look to your house, using red brick walls and stone accents roof is the ideal combination so far. The stone accents are available in grey color, and you can also paint them using any other color over the top.

Using the natural stone accent color enhances the house’s beauty, however. You can also add a texture of different colors, including white or any other light color, which easily blends with the stone accents. Stone accent color is also the best roof color for a blue house.

12. White Color Roof

If you want a unique but dazzling appearance for your house, selecting a white color roof for the brick house is a fantastic choice. Most people don’t install a white color material or paint on the roof because they think that it’s too hectic to handle this color.

Although, you need to have special care for the white color roof with red bricks as both are an opposite combination there is no doubt that it’s the best compliment.

White Color Roof

In this case, you should follow some safety precautions, including having a paint coat or a substance on the roof, which makes it safe from UV rays and extreme weather conditions. This color is a good recommendation for the hottest areas.

An Unfading grey slate roof is ideal if you want to own a traditional and excellent look at your home without spending much money. Grey color slate roof with a red brick house is an ideal complement as both of these perfect match.

The surprising thing is that if you paint the unfading grey color slate roof on the windows and doors, they won’t allow passing the natural light or sunrays inside the house. Hence, this grey color slate roof, paint, and red brick color combination is for those who don’t want the light to come into their house from the outside place.

13. Black Color Slate Roofs, Copper Flashings, and Timber Assemblies

Another flawless combination of black slate roofs with red bricks is copper flashings and timber assemblies. It’s not easy for everyone to make a perfect color combination for a roof; however, checking different combinations for different colors and paints can make it easy to select the color of your choice.

If you want to see a British-style house look with little effort and spending less time, using copper flashings and timber assemblies with black slate roofs and red brick walls is an excellent complement.

In my experience, This Tudor-style house is not only beautiful, but it’s also durable and doesn’t damage easily. The timber, flashings, and slate color roof protect the red brick walls and, ultimately, your house.

For a more beautiful look, you can add yellow or orange lights at the exterior places. This combination of black color windows and doors adds the ultimate exquisite appearance in the first view. In short, this best roof color for a red brick house offers an amazing look for outsiders.

14. Green Gable Roof Color

If you want a dazzling style look with red bricks and red sidings on the exterior part of roofs, using a green gable roof is something you are looking for. This combination is specifically designed for houses that are surrounded by trees. The green gable roof color with red bricks and red sidings is a vivid combination.

I highly recommend installing this color if you don’t have enough time and want to decide on something which makes your house more attention-grabbing than before.

15. Greyish Blue Tile Roof Color

If you installed red bricks and now want to get an Italian-style look, greyish-blue color tiles should be installed on your roof. This combination is specifically helpful for rectangular-style single or double-story houses. People think they don’t have enough ideas to make their homes beautiful, but it’s a misconception.

Greyish Blue Tile Roof Color

Today I bring the idea that can make your houses look beautiful and dazy, spending less time and little effort, and installing the greyish blue color tiles on the roof.

Even if you are unable to get these color tiles, painting them with greyish-blue color is still a perfect idea. Similarly, paint your windows and doors to get a more beautiful view.

16. Red Shingle Roof

Want to get a Tudor-style house with an Italian look? A red shingle roof with red bricks and sidings is what you need. It also receives a compliment on the natural and classy style of old houses. General Shale Look is just an alternative to this house style that people love to install and use.

It also showcases an element of the classic style look. Painting the doors and windows with the same color is an exact combination one should use. The same red color on doors and windows makes your home balanced and catches an exquisite look from visitors.

17. Greenhouse-Style Glass Roofs

It is another good combination with the red bricks if greenish and trees from all around your house. This compliment becomes more attractive if you have classic red bricks in your home.

Constructing the kitchen in a place where it’s visible from the exterior is something I recommend it again. Just make sure to make the windows and doors painted greenish-gly.

This color and roof combination protects your house from birds, sunrays, and other chemicals. The reason is that the red or greenish look does not attract birds. Additionally, this color does not allow the sun’s rays to pass on the inner side.

18. Red Brick Gable Roof Mixes Color

A red brick gable house perfectly matches red bricks if you want a highly stylish and modern look. It looks stunning with a minimalist appearance from the outside. You can also use metals, wood, and other materials of your choice, which can enhance the dazzling beauty of the overall house.

Moreover, a siding wooden door and the porch beauty with the wood boxes enhance terrible beauty. The paint on the roof’s doors, windows, and other sidings leads to ultimate beauty. There are no hard and fast rules for the paint as you can a coat of your favorite color. Using wooden color doors is a good option, however.

How to Match Roof Colors with Red Bricks House?

It’s not easy to know which type of color roof is suitable for your red brick house. To match the color or shingle is not the only thing one should consider. Many other factors are essential to consider. Looking at your exterior is one of those factors.

You can see or request pictures and models of famous houses that match the perfect roof colors for their red bricks.

Multiple types of red bricks have different shades and looks. Some examples are red, light red, dark red, and red with orange bricks. So you need to see the brick shade and decide if the roof color perfectly matches the table for the specific type of brick.

You also need to check what type of your environment is. For example, installing clay or metal roof tiles is an ideal option for hotter areas. Similarly, for cold regions, you can get any roof tiles that are light in color and can deal with the codling issues.

Don’t choose the color you like the most, but see the one more compatible with your red brick house. It is because a roof makes up most of the house’s parts, so selecting the right roof color is a critical task.

Factors Affecting Your Roof Color and Red Bricks House

1. Resale Importance

Most people have the urge to sell their houses. It is because the people deal with it as the property of their real estate business. So, it’s essential to use top-quality material and the most consistent color. It not only should look good in the eyes of the viewers, but it’s also necessary to catch the attention of the buyers.

Also, remember that color is not the only factor one should look for; all other elements, including the stones, tiles, and the material you used for its composition, are other factors one should look at.

2. Effects of Environment

Most people don’t consider the climate the primary factor in building their houses with red bricks and face many future issues. Here are some factors which can help you to get a better understanding:

Dark colors absorb large amounts of heat; hence if your house is located in the hottest area, installing light color roof tiles or painting the items with a golden color is preferred.

Similarly, pick a dark color if your house is in the coldest area. This color will absorb more light and keep your home warm even during the coldest days.

3. Rules and Requirements by the Community and Government

Would you like to uninstall a roof you installed a few days ago because it was against the community rules? Of course No, before installing the roof with a specific color, make sure that you are aware of the regulations made by the community and the government. Avoid trying the colors and materials forbidden to use in the specific area.

4. Neighbourhood

Another critical factor is to look at the houses which are nearest you. Their color scheme and the roof style are something you should look at. If you live in a place you own, then it’s not very important to consider the color and the roof style.

However, if you live in an area where the houses have the same color scheme for roofs with red bricks, you should consider the same. Make sure that the color, roof style, and roof material are matchable with the nearest neighbor houses. It is because there are rules by the government or the place owners to match the colors and roof style in a street or a town.

5. Trim Color

Another critical factor that is necessary to consider is the trim color. Making the trim color for the roof is the top priority. The reason is that a trim color available at your location where you are building a red brick house is already a perfect match. Hence, you don’t need to spend much time selecting the roof color shingle for a red brick house.

6. Blended Singles

There are two types of shingles; sold and blended /gradient. A composite color shingle is good to use with a red brick house. The reason is the availability of a lot of colors. On the other hand, a solid color shingle is limited to some natural or neutral colors.

Shingle colors for the red brick houses are, however, a good option specifically when you want to install a roof with multiple color layers leading to a professional and beautiful look. Still, if you cannot select a composite shingle, I recommend choosing a darker color than your house. A darker color roof blends perfectly with your overall home, leading to a professional look.

What color shingles are best for a red brick house?

Always those shingles that make your home exterior beautiful are the best option. However, many other shingles make the home durable but are not very attractive. It’s up to you if a roof’s beauty or durability is more critical. For use, the beauty of the overall house is more important, so I would recommend the shingles based on our experience and knowledge. These are some shingles that our professionals highly recommend:

  • Red and brown
  • Red and grey
  • Red and pink
  • Red and tan
  • Red and black
  • Red and wood color
  • Red and cream
  • Red and pink

These are some of the top roof shingles. Don’t just pick and follow the one. Look at your brick’s color, and house appearance, and then select the one which enhances the beauty of the red brick house.

Select the shingle which makes you excited upon looking at your roof. It should offer an elegant and modern style look. Forty of your house’s beauty and appearance depend on the roof color. So, don’t go in a rush and think wisely. Spending some time and money is more important than regretting your decision later.

7. Roof Material

The Most Popular Asphalt Roofing Colors: Most of the asphalt roofing colors are available in dark colors. Overall an asphalt material absorbs heat from the surroundings. It is the reason that I suggest selecting this material if you are living in the coldest area. It gives your house a beautiful appearance and protects you from the external cold environment.

The Most Popular Metal Roofing Colors: Metal roofs on a brick house mostly come in light colors, i.e., white, done white, slate grey, golden brown, etc. These roofs are recommended to install at those locations where heat is in extreme condition. It is because light colors don’t absorb much heat and hence protect you from the heat of extreme climatic conditions.

Best Roof Color for Red Brick House

Frequently Asked Questions- Best Roof Color for Red Brick House

It depends upon your environment and climate more than the color you want to own. Lighter colors are a better choice for cold areas, and lighter colors are recommended for the hottest climate areas.

Roof color has a tremendous impact on reselling prices. See the colors your neighbors are using and consider the same. If you live in an area where you are installing the roof with red bricks for the first time, think of light colors for the hot climate and dark colors for the cold climate areas.

The most popular roof colors are those which give a neutral and natural appearance when used with a combination of red bricks. These are mostly green, black, red, and grey. Shades of these colors are also helpful for a beautiful look for the red brick house.

No, it’s not true. Although red bricks have been used for years worldwide to create a classy style look, it does not mean they are out of style. These bricks have been used for years, and people still love them to install because of the exquisite appearance they create. In short, the trend of red bricks house won’t end.

If you want to perceive a more comprehensive look at your house, a brighter color house is an excellent choice. White, ivory, grey, and light green are a few examples. You can also as about it from professionals.

The cost of the best color roof for the red bricks is not simple. Multiple facts are essential to consider. Color, material, and time are important. It also depends upon the shingle type. If you want to change the roof, it will cost only $8000.

And if your purpose is to install it for the first time as you are building a house, the cost will be around $5000 to $11000. Keep in mind that it’s an average cost and can be low or high depending upon the surface area, shingle, material, and the time one should spend on the whole process.

Wrapping Up- Best Roof Color for Red Brick House

I hope the above discussion on the best roof colors is helpful for you. Select and install a beautiful colored roof to make your house dazzling in its look. The front floor, which catches the attention of viewers at the very first eye, is more critical. Hence it’s necessary to spend some time selecting the best roof color.

Although multiple colors and materials are available for the roof houses that are compatible with the red bricks, the important thing is to look at the factors like climate, shingle, and your neighborhood house design trends.

The best thing is to see different photos of houses with varying colors of roofs with red bricks and then select the eye-catching one. You can also order specific samples from professionals.